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Tim Tebow is either a very good, or a very lucky football player. If, and how, he wins doesn’t much matter to me. I’m a Chicago Bear fan and only follow the Broncos marginally. Some claim the QB’s talents are divinely enhanced. I wouldn’t venture to comment on that. The only religious spectacle I’ve ever witnessed in Denver was Obama’s coronation in front of those tacky, rented Greek columns.

We’ve seen Tebow’s amazing run this year of late game heroics. America loves a winner, and we love an exciting finish, too. However, I’ve heard gamblers find Mr. Tebow quite frustrating, considering how he waits until the forth quarter before calling in help from the big guy. Those lowlife, degenerate friends of mine bemoan “miraculous, heavenly, come from behind” victories cause extraordinary tension in an already nerve racking business. Tough luck for them. The real sin is being dull, Tim Tebow isn’t.

Some find his very public displays of his faith unnerving. “Overwrought and over the top” they whine. Complaints have poured in from predictable sources, but also from current and former NFL stars, as well. Tebow’s religious personal story is a compelling one, and he’s not shy about making it part of football. So why do most talking heads find it so uncomfortable to deviate from the standard football fare? Some players are grumbling, too. Really? Violent millionaire psychopaths generating huge illegal gambling dollars can’t handle a little religiosity?

Does observing Tebow’s faith steal away our concentration from critical matters, like another mundane replay? The dichotomy of an apparently talented, reverent, clean cut and respectful player in 2011 is just too much? We accept thuggish, taunting behavior and showboating without question, but a sideline prayer makes America squeamish.

Admit it -- our obsession with football is really just a welcome distraction from cable news anyway. “Look there Eb...game’s beginning! Grab me a beer and some of them chips...(burp).” Truth is, we can’t process introspectiveness on Sunday, especially after skipping church. Again.

As long as Tebow’s choices aren’t against team or league rules, then it’s entirely his business. Pray away, Tim. Can’t hurt. Who knows? Maybe his public demonstrations of faith will be a positive influence on America. We could use more.

I know Tim Tebow has already inspired at least one somewhat cynical agnostic.

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