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Hillary Is About as Qualified To Be President as Paris Hilton

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The downside of being governed by idiots is that people start to think that any idiot can be president.

Speaking of idiots, what exactly qualifies Hillary Clinton to be president?


Is it that she’s a woman? Guess what, Paris Hilton is a woman, too! Is it that Hillary was a senator for five minutes and then became Secretary of State? Guess what, Paris Hilton has exactly as many significant accomplishments as a senator and Secretary of State as Hillary, which is zero. Is it that Hillary slept with Bill? Well, she has Paris beat there….probably. Who really knows at this point?

That being said, is a woman who’s widely acknowledged to be in the most dysfunctional marriage in the country now that Bruce and Kris Jenner are divorced really someone we should be considering for President of the United States? Hillary is married to a guy who has engaged in sexual harassment, has had numerous confirmed affairs and he was actually impeached by the House for lying under oath about having sex with an intern. What kind of woman not only sticks with a man like that, but helps him cover up his affairs while she smears the women he’s banging? Given Hillary’s complete lack of ethics, she’s certainly not hanging in there because of any moral convictions. That means she either secretly has terrible self-esteem and doesn’t think she can do any better or she’s such a power-hungry monster that she doesn’t care if her husband likes to take trips to Orgy Island (yes, really) as long he helps her become more powerful.

Here’s a woman who would probably be a career bureaucrat in Arkansas if she hadn’t married the right man. However, she endured a humiliating, loveless marriage to him long enough to ride his coattails to a political career. She was elected as senator of New York – because she was his wife. She was considered a strong candidate for the presidency – because she was his wife. After she lost, she was given the Secretary of State position, probably as much as anything to keep her husband and his allies from doing anything to undercut Obama. Then she was a miserable failure as Secretary of State and it shows in the disasters that the Obama Administration has created all over the planet. In fact, Hillary’s most memorable moments as Secretary of State were when she got Americans killed in Benghazi by ignoring their requests for more security, giving the Russians a button that was supposed to say “reset” when it actually read “overcharge,” and an email scandal that is so bad that she’d probably be on her way to prison if…you guessed it, she wasn’t married to Bill Clinton.


Hillary is a woman of meager talents and titanic ambition who hitched her wagon to a political star. That’s supposed to make Hillary a role model for young women? She’s more like a cautionary tale of what can happen if you sell your soul for power. Sure, she became First Lady, but her husband was having sex with other women down the hall. Sure, Hillary became a senator, but she did nothing of significance in the Senate because Bill could get her into office, but he couldn’t do the work for her. Sure, Hillary became Secretary of State, but she was completely unqualified for the position and people died in Benghazi as a result of her incompetence.

The American people already elected one unqualified candidate because he was black in hopes of putting the race issue in the rear view mirror. Not only did that not happen, but we got the single, worst president in American history in the bargain. So after that debacle which America may literally never completely recover from, are we supposed to choose a corrupt, incompetent 67 year old who doesn’t understand how email works and probably doesn’t even know how to drive a car anymore just because she’s a woman? Then what? Everyone spends the next four years fending off charges of “sexism” when they point out that Hillary is lying, breaking the law again or screwing things up as Democrats claim that all criticism is based on her being a woman? At least Paris Hilton created a successful perfume, handbag and clothing line without her grandfather doing it all for her. That’s more than Hillary can say because without Bill carrying her along on his shoulders, Hillary Clinton couldn’t cut it as a shift manager at McDonald’s.


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