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David Hogg Is the Best the Media Has to Combat Guns?

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AP Photo/Alex Brandon

The media is desperate. The entire legacy press hates America as founded and the Second Amendment. They shape the news with false narratives and “breaking news” that generally ends up wrong after all of the facts are revealed. The mainstream media will trot anyone out in front of a camera, including a foul-mouthed 19-year-old who has no life experience.

David Hogg was present when a maniac shooter killed 17 students and wounded dozens more at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida in February of 2018. He was one of the original students interviewed by the media, and they have continued to promote his false messages against firearms and the National Rifle Association.

Recently, Hogg was on MSNBC for an interview. He stated that he believes mass shootings in the United States today are caused by racism during the early years of our country. The teen went on to mention the Battle of Wounded Knee but unsurprisingly could not draw a specific connection between gun violence in America to a Sioux Indian and United States Government conflict in 1890. So, he did what all good leftists do – he cried racism. 

Hogg consistently attacks the NRA. Yes, he was present when the shooting took place, but that does not mean he’s an expert in gun violence - the media seems to believe otherwise.

The media bolsters Hogg as if he is a constitutional lawyer with hours upon hours of courtroom experience, but in reality, he is an agenda-driven activist. Hogg has nothing to offer other than his anger against the Second Amendment, gun-rights advocates, and the NRA. So why does the mainstream media continually talk to this kid as if he has something valuable to contribute to the debate?

Simple- the media is desperate and needs a pawn that can trigger emotional responses. 

The media is on an all-out attack on the Second Amendment. An unofficial arm of the Democratic Party, the legacy news networks rarely give chances for the NRA or another gun right’s advocate to voice their side of the firearm argument. 

Instead, they take a child and use him to advance the anti-gun agenda. Their use of Hogg is a sign that they have no other viable option.

The left’s message is clear: if you enjoy your gun rights, you are a racist. However, one thing the left does not acknowledge is that the Second Amendment saved countless minority lives during the height of the Ku Klux Klan’s presence in our country. However, you are racist if you own a firearm according to the left.

Hogg is not as smart as he thinks he is. The mainstream media star is still basically a kid. According to science, Hogg’s brain will not fully develop until he is approximately 25-years-old. MSNBC, CNN, and other left-wing news and media outlets prop this child up as if he is an aged adult who has decades of life experience. The same media that wants you to believe their reporting has David Hogg on as a gun violence expert.

The incident in Parkland, Florida was horrific. But Hogg's presence there merely means that he survived one bad experience.

If MSNBC wanted to be the unbiased journalists they are supposed to be, they would invite Kyle Kashuv, a fellow former classmate of Hogg’s who survived the Parkland shooting as well, on the air for an interview.

If the media wants to be taken seriously, they should interview people who have a substantial amount of life experience, or at least a job. The mainstream media has few options when it comes to pushing their anti-gun agenda. 

The legacy media’s desperation is showing.   

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