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Officer Ronil Singh Is The Immigrant We Want. His Alleged Murderer Is Not.

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AP Photo/Noah Berger

Immigrants are a part of American culture. However, when an immigrant is illegal and murders a police officer conducting a traffic stop, we do not want them here.


Officer Ronil Singh was an immigrant who migrated to America legally. Now, he is dead allegedly at the hands of an illegal alien. There is no room for this type of behavior in our society.

Officer Singh legally emigrated from Fiji to America approximately 20 years ago. According to Newman Police Department Chief Randy Richardson, Singh had a lifelong dream to be a police officer in the United States. Singh was a volunteer officer at the Modesto Police Department, serving his community. He was also a cadet at the Turlock Police Department, another unpaid position. Still working his way towards being a fulltime officer, Singh was a reserve deputy of the Merced County Sheriff’s Office.

After some time his hard work paid off. Singh was hired by the Newman Police Department, a small department with approximately 12 officers and eventually reached the rank of corporal. He sought to bring peace to citizens during times of chaos, calm those who were in a state of panic or anxiety and help the weak who needed strength during a time of distress. These are ordinary duties to the American police officer, and it was no different for Singh. The drive to assist people in times of need is what drove him to America.

He did not come to America with selfish ambitions of becoming rich, but to join a law enforcement community that seeks to be a barrier against evil- the thin blue line.


The suspect in his murder is the complete opposite. A man that will not be named for he does not deserve any form of recognition. He decided he was above the law when he entered through the Arizona border illegally. The left insists that those who come to the United States without going through a proper port of entry are not ill-intended people. In some cases that may be true, but in this case, their argument is false and it cost a 33-year-old father and husband his life.

Singh is not the first American citizen to die at the hands of an illegal alien. Sadly, he is one of hundreds and maybe even thousands. Certainly, he will not be the last. The question begs - why is it okay for anyone to die due to the actions of someone who should not be here in the first place? Liberals and leftists refuse to answer.

This case is unique. The left refuses to draw the comparison between a legal immigrant who came here to be a productive member of this country and an illegal alien who has possible gang ties to the Surenos, a violent Mexican-American street gang.

Singh’s murder is untimely for the Democrats, and believe me, that is how they see this. The majority of the left does not care that a police officer who was married and had a five-month-old child had taken his last family picture of Christmas Night hours before being shot to death. They see this as ammo for President Trump during a partial government shutdown based solely on southern border wall funding.


The Democrats cannot spin this for their political gain, so they disrespect the dead officer and his family by completely ignoring his death and continue to hold out so that there is no funding for the border wall. That is your modern day Democratic Party. Just let that sink in.

Singh is an example of whom we want to immigrate into America. Someone who believes in the rule of law and creating safer streets for citizens. The alleged murderer is an illegal alien that threw his middle finger up at our immigration laws crossed the border unlawfully then took the life of a lawful immigrant police officer. We do not want the latter.

Singh should have been here and his alleged killer should not. This issue is not that difficult to understand.

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