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We hear it every day from the left. “Trump is attacking our democracy!” It’s like a leaky faucet. Drip. Drip. Drip. By now, you have probably tuned it out. Since Hillary conceded the election, the left and the media has beaten the Russia drum daily. They push the narrative that President Trump and his campaign colluded with the Kremlin to win the election, even after Obama said there was no wayRussia could interfere with our voting machines. The left should reevaluate their cries for a destroyed democracy, especially since they are the ones who are attacking it directly.


The Internal Revenue Service is a powerful government entity. They have the power to seize your business, home, or any other property for just not paying them. In 2010, the Tea Party came into existence. It wasn’t a political party per se, but it was still a threat to the left. The IRS tookit upon themselves to stop them.

Obama signed the Affordable Healthcare Act into law, making the government more extensive, and more intrusive. Patriotic Americans started to come together and push back against an expanding government. To become more legitimate, leaders of certain Tea Party groups filed 501 C(4) paperwork to become tax exempt. However, Obama’s IRS wasn’t going to tolerate it.

Unexplainably, applications for any Tea Party or Patriot Party were either lost or “in backlog.” These groups were directly opposed to Obama’s growing Federal Government. There were protests, and the groups increased. Despite the efforts of the IRS, the midterm elections were a victory for Republican’s in the House of Representatives. Many new Tea Party representatives were elected to gain control, and even some senators. Obama’s agenda was slowed down. 

Leftists tried to stop democracy through the IRS abuses, but they failed. Now, they are worried? The left was trying to breakdown democracy just a few years ago. Why the sudden change; because there is a Republican president in office. They have to yell “democracy is under fire” as loud as possible for votes, which raises the next point.


Liberals have managed to find racism in voter identification laws. One of the most precious freedoms in America is speaking out through voting. It is the core of our democracy. The truth is leftists are the ones who are attacking and trying to crumble our system.

According to the left, voters should not be required to identify themselves. The left can’t explain this away other than it is racist otherwise. They have no answer because their go-to response is quick to come out, and that is racism. Conservatives are trying to maintain the integrity of who is elected to ensure fairness to all the voters. Meanwhile, liberals are trying to undermine American citizens’ votes with illegal ones.

Liberals also don’t want voter rolls purged if someone hasn’t voted in a reasonable amount of time. However, SCOTUS ruled against them and said that is legal for a state to purge their rolls. Keeping the active voter list up to date is preserving our democracy, not harming it.

Voting is the only thing that is keeping the authoritarian left from total control, and that bothers them. If liberals manipulate votes to obtain and maintain power, this country as we know it is over.

Leftists are the ones who are destroying democracy through agencies like the IRS, and vote manipulation, which a direct assault on our system of government.

The left doesn’t like that Trump is undoing Obama's executive orders, and moving the country into a better place for the most part. American’s wanted to go in a different direction, so they chose Trump. Democrats are working against Trump voter’s decision in nefarious ways.


Democracy is alive and well. How else would Trump have been elected? And don’t say Russia. Obama already said that is impossible.

The left has been destroying democracy by massive government agency intimidation, and illegal votes, and spyingon journalists, not Conservatives, or Trump.

Leftists want to see democracy gone, not Trump.

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