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Sexual harassment is a serious problem. It has been common in the workplace for decades. There is no telling how many women have been a victim of it. Harvey Weinstein inadvertently kicked off the #MeToo movement with his abhorrent behavior. From there, many ladies came forth and spoke out about their experiences. Leftists jumped on the opportunity to claim the campaign as their moral-political claim. MeToo has been diluted by the left.  


Samantha Bee recently called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c**t” for posting a picture on Twitter of her holding her son. There was a tremendous backlash on the “Full Frontal” host. Bee has apologized at least twice now. Advertisers are leaving at the moment. Now, there are more local commercials on her show than national. 

TBS is sticking with Bee and refusing to fire her. On the flipside, ABC removed Roseanne from the air after her racist' tweet. Can't Bee get terminated? Is sexual harassment not as severe as racism? The answer is Samantha Bee is on the right side of the political spectrum. That is not to say that Roseanne is a Conservative. The point is you can say whatever you want as long as your political ideology is on a particular side of the aisle. 

Recently, John Stewart stood up for Bee at a comedy festival in San Francisco. He stated that conservatives didn’t care about what Bee said. He alluded to the right’s outrage as political only. That’s ironic given the fact that his side has managed to weaponize sports for a leftist cause. 

She didn’t just have a slip of the tongue. Bee read a teleprompter. Someone approved the words. They didn’t expect the backlash. Otherwise, the script would have been edited. 

The MeToo movement is supposed to stop sexual harassment of all kind. Instead, the left uses it as a political rocket launcher. Leftists feign outrage daily. They are fake, insincere people. The movement was more about what liberals can get done politically than stopping the harassment of women. 


Progressive leftists aren’t expected to take responsibility for their actions. Kathy Griffin was the center of a storm a year ago for holding a bloody mask that looks like President Trump’s severed head. She told TBS “if you don’t stand by her (Samantha Bee), I am coming for you.” It seems like Griffin didn’t learn anything from her experience. 

Leftists are a group of morally inept people. The left peddles abortion. Transgenderism is celebrated for children. And they celebrate Marxism in public high schools and colleges, despite the murderous history. A set of people like this cannot successfully guide something moral. The left has none. Their hypocrisy and double-talk has watered down MeToo into nothing. 

Samantha Bee is another example of hatred that flourishes on the left. She is blinded by her emotions, taking away any logical thought. The left doesn’t care about the MeToo movement unless someone can make a political point. 

Leftists ruin everything they touch. The MeToo movement is no different. 

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