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Frank Connor, Forever 33

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As we watch America devolve into the same racially charged, anti-police violence we endured in the late '60s, through the '70s and into the early ‘80s, our father Frank Connor, forever 33, would turn 75 years old today, July 12.


Thirty three year old Frank Connor and 3 others were murdered while scores were maimed on January 24, 1975 when the Marxist, Puerto Rican terrorist group FALN blew up historic Fraunces Tavern during a crowded lunchtime profiling, targeting and executing "reactionary corporate executives."  We were to celebrate my recent 9th and brother's 11th birthdays that very night.  Instead his mother's, wife's and the lives of his two little boys were shattered when the best dad in the world never came home.

The unrepentant, convicted terrorists served only 18 years of prison sentences ranging from 55 to 70 years because, as Hillary Clinton geared up for her 2000 New York Senaterun and was looking to connect with New York's Hispanic community, then President Clinton offered the terrorists executive clemency. One, leader Oscar Lopez Rivera, was so dedicated that he refused the Clinton clemency and remains in prison today.

Over the years I have wondered if my dad even would recognize our country today.  

Today's America is a country whose Democrat nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, believes herself above the law and played Russian roulette with the American people by pushing the release of our father's killers for cheap politics. Now she expects to become our president.


The city in which our father grew up and loved, New York City's number two and Hillary Clinton supporter, Melissa Mark Viverito fervently lies while she advocates for a second clemency grant to unrepentant terror leader Oscar Lopez while ignoring,among other things, our father's life, death and the fact the Lopez refused clemency already.

Our president pushes normalizing relations with Cuba, a country that harbors terrorists including fugitive, convicted FALN bombmaker William Moraleswho likely built the bomb used to murder our father. Ironically Morales was almost killed on this day in 1978, the very day on which my dad would have turned 37, when a bomb he was building detonated blowing off 9 fingers and part of his face. 

Our president seeks to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, the one place we strive to mete out justice to the terrorists that murdered our father's god son Steve Schlag among 3,000 souls on 9/11.

Sadly, while he may not relate to those parts of our society listed above, Frank Connor would certainly recognize all too clearly the violence and racial divide bubbling over today.  It's the same philosophy, the same hatred, the same anarchy, the same disregard for life, for justice for law and order that the FALN and the other radical groups of the 1970s used to justify his and so many other murders.  


And now it’s back.

Sorry dad.

Your life has given meaning to your family, friends and loved ones.  

But our leaders today have learned nothing from yours and other terror victims' deaths; except to exploit them.

We can still celebrate your 75th but you are forever 33.

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