Jessica Curtis

Jessica Curtis
Republicans Need to Make the Math Count
By Jessica Curtis
Even Democrats and their friends in the mainstream media (MSM) must know that you cannot spend money you do not ...
June 18, 2021
Why the Rush to Judgement?
By Jessica Curtis
Democrats, along with their reliable supporters in the mainstream media, are demanding that President Trump cease and desist from any ...
November 19, 2020
Biden a Mere Bystander in 2020 Election
By Jessica Curtis
In the 2020 election, there can be no dispute that the conversation starts and ends with President Trump. The Democratic ...
September 24, 2020
Rude Awakening For One Party or the Other
By Jessica Curtis
Pandemic.  Masks.   Riots.  Looting.  Vandalism.  These are the recent events in the U.S. that have made safety priority one ...
June 11, 2020
It’s Time to Be Americans Again
By Jessica Curtis
There is more to life than not dying from COVID-19. And, this just in, you can die from causes other ...
May 23, 2020
Politicians Must Come Together and Stick up for the Middle Class
By Jessica Curtis
Our nation was built on the value that hard work pays off.  But for many middle-class Americans, this no longer ...
November 22, 2017
Hard Work Does Pay Off
October 12, 2017 |
Where Did All the Journalists Go?
September 05, 2017 |
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