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Why the Rush to Judgement?

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Democrats, along with their reliable supporters in the mainstream media, are demanding that President Trump cease and desist from any challenge to their conclusion Joe Biden has won the 2020 Presidential election. Despite credible evidence of fraud that has already been made public, the MSM persists in having every story include the mandatory “without any evidence” phrase. Without asserting a massive level of fraud and wrongdoing, simple math would seemingly argue for logical folks to take a deep breath and allow the process to work itself out.

For starters, this idea that we need to instantly “get this thing over” makes little sense in the light of history.  After all, in 2000, it was not until December 12 the Supreme Court made its ruling, and December 13 when Al Gore conceded.  Not only that, but that process included Al Gore refusing to accept the results in Florida as certified by the Secretary of State.  Back then, the MSM had little trouble in supporting the “count every vote” mantra.  Not accepting the results was fine, because, after all, Secretary of State, Kathryn Harris was a Republican.  The media today also conveniently overlooks how the Clinton Administration refused to engage in transition activities with George W. Bush until it could be certain who won the election. Now, however, the idea of President Trump going to court to address troublesome matters or refusing to immediately wave the white flag is just shy of high treason.

Just what is the math?  Over 150 million Americans cast ballots in the election. Here are the states deciding the outcome, that if reversed, would throw the election to President Trump. Arizona, where Biden leads by just under 11,00 votes.  Georgia, where he leads by slightly under 14,000. Nevada, where the lead is around 33,000.  Finally, Pennsylvania at 81,000. 

Nobody is arguing every vote in that margin is fraudulent. However, suppose they were, and all Biden.  What percentage of the total vote would this represent? .0009. I believe most reasonable folks would think any election operating at 99.9991 percent honesty was a solid one.  So, on its face, the assertion that the challenges are some special threat to confidence in our democratic structures is absurd.

Personally, my view is that it is unlikely that sheer fraud alone will be sufficient to change the outcome.  In addition, I have no doubt that recounts will uncover innocent clerical errors that could have an impact. 

At the same time, if a significant number of votes are removed from the count as a result of court challenges on the basis they were improperly included, the outcome could very well be different.  To pursue every legal option on a matter of this gravity is not some sort of undermining of our system.  Instead, it reaffirms that we are nation of laws and not men.  It certainly underscores that nobody can simply demand others abandon their legal options to satisfy a screaming bunch of partisans.

One other observation.  If it is so obvious, so true, and so absolute that Joe Biden deserves to be President based on the honestly and properly cast and counted votes, why would not a complete examination of things, including involving the courts, work to assure one and all the outcome is clear?  If those supporting Joe Biden fear nothing, then going through the exercise of recounts, court cases, etc., should work to their advantage.  The phrase “thou doth protest too much” comes to mind.

We have witnessed the mainstream media literally celebrating the outcome they believe is what is right and needed.  That does not require those of us who supported the other side to capitulate to their dogmatic, circular in logic, approach to things.

We have not even reached Thanksgiving. Every day short of December 13 is a day short of when Al Gore conceded in 2000. Surely, even the MSM can allow the process to work as the law allows. 

Jessica Curtis is the Executive Director of GOPAC and former Producer of Special Events and Politics at Fox News Radio.

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