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The Next Step for Hillary

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Right now most of the media is reporting how the Republican party has housekeeping issues that they need to address. Questioning the conservatism of Donald Trump. Telling those of the "Never Trump movement," that they are voting for Hillary if they don't suck it up and vote party lines. Virtually no one is talking about the problems that the Democrats are having.

It is well known how good the progressive liberals are with smoke and mirrors. How patient they have been, floating their Marxist agenda into American government over the past 115 years. It is no surprise that they have been able to keep up appearances, while on the inside they are coming apart at the seams.

Right now Donald Trump is being looked at as the most divisive personality in politics today, but is that necessarily true? Does Trump have a lot of work ahead of him to make the case that he stands for conservative values? Absolutely. However, does Hillary Clinton have a rockier path to win the trust of her party?

Many in the Democratic electorate have been very vocal about their distrust for Hillary Clinton. She has somehow managed to hold on to some supporters through her current email scandal. Many of them defending her describing her as a victim of vast, "right wing conspiracy."

Hillary has been trying to say anything to get the FBI off her back, and minimize the fallout. Hillary's latest attempt to spin the controversy has been to say that the FBI is making a "security inquiry." This stance only serves to substantiate the lawlessness of the Democratic party, something that has plagued liberals for decades.

If a Republican had done the same thing the claws would be in, and the jail time would be insurmountable; if the offender was not drawn and quartered in the back of the White House.

On April 23, 2015 General Petraeus pleaded guilty to a similar offence. Petraeus' single count of mishandling of top secret information was nominal when compared to Hillary's estimated 22 separate emails designated top secret; each of them carrying three separate felony charges.

The fact of the matter is no one trusts her on either side. This split is such a problem that many Bernie Sanders supporters are saying that they would vote for Trump over Hillary, to spite all the demonstrations and protests.

There is a way out of the weeds for Democrats. A path that could have the side effect of moderating the two sides of modern American politics. President Obama has driven a wedge between the two parties the likes of which has not been seen since the Carter Administration.

Obama and his warped sense justice, has been the underlying factor behind the divisiveness between the two parties. From his inability to call terrorists by it's name, to his efforts to at "prison reform", and of course his efforts to close Guantanamo Bay Prison.

All these endeavors and ideals point to a party of lawlessness. The one thing that could help to reform the Democratic Party would be for Hillary to comply with the FBI. Stop the dodging. Give the American people their pound of flesh.

With Donald Trump pulling Republicans further toward the left, Hillary taking it on the chin would truly begin to bring the party back toward the center. The idea of her pleading guilty before the American people would distance the party from the ineptitude that has been the Obama Presidency.

However, just like the banks that are too big to fail, which she hides in the folds of her pants suit; Hillary is too big fail. For the same reason that she can't take responsibility for Benghazi. Hillary Clinton lacks the honor that is required for the office she is currently seeking.

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