Jennifer Roback Morse

Jennifer Roback Morse
A Toast to Open Debate
By Jennifer Roback Morse
I propose a toast. Let me tell you why, and to whom. Here in San Diego, gay rights activists are ...
July 14, 2008
Now You Tell Us
By Jennifer Roback Morse
The advocates of contraception have finally admitted in public what some of us have known for a while: The Pill ...
June 30, 2008
Memo To Advocates of "The Conservative Case for Same Sex Marriage"
By Jennifer Roback Morse
Well, it is official. You won. We lost. Same sex marriage is the law in California. We might win the ...
June 09, 2008
Get the Government Out of Sex Ed
By Jennifer Roback Morse
If you need an operation and the doctor tells you that overall, seven-eighths of patients have a successful outcome, you ...
July 09, 2007
Not His Magnum Opus
By Jennifer Roback Morse
Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed composed a truly revolting edition of “Opus,” just one week before Fathers Day. The cartoon published Sunday ...
June 12, 2007
The Ultimate Winner on the Immigration Issue
By Jennifer Roback Morse
My Fellow Americans, By the time I am sworn in as President, the current Congress will have passed “comprehensive immigration ...
May 21, 2007
Is Feminism Finished?
April 02, 2007 |
Are Dads Disposable?
By Jennifer Roback Morse
I hate to disagree with my friend Glenn Sacks, but I think he has missed the boat in his recent ...
February 06, 2007
Some people just need to get spanked
By Jennifer Roback Morse
A childless legislator here in California (where else?) has proposed a legislative ban on spanking. Sally Lieber, Democrat (naturally) ...
January 24, 2007
Immigration Reform for the Minority Party
By Jennifer Roback Morse
The Democrats are already forming their strategy for reintroducing “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” when they take power next January. Reports ...
December 11, 2006
With Pope Benedict XVI in Valencia
By Jennifer Roback Morse
As the whole world surely knows, Pope Benedict XVI was in Valencia this weekend. What you might not know is ...
July 10, 2006
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