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Imagine that you are running for U.S. president and are seated comfortably at a table with your wife. You refer to your primary opponent as "George," twice, before referring to him as "Trump," moments later. Now imagine that you are the president, running for re-election. You refer to your primary opponent as "Bill" or "Ronald," twice, before referring to him as "Biden." Would that not become non-stop international headline news, right up to November 3rd?


In the face of his obvious mental health lapses, the mainstream press is still running cover for Joe Biden. By contrast, throughout President Trump's first term, the press has gone into intermittent feeding frenzies, questioning his mental health. This is curious as President Trump appears to be the same day in and day out. He says what he feels, speaks off the cuff, makes outrageous tweets on occasion, and doesn't feign political correctness. Millions of those who lean right are thankful for all of that.

My sister, with a Ph.D. in psychology no less, believes that Trump is deranged, ran for president only to enrich himself, cares nothing about the U.S., engages in one shady deal after another, and belongs in prison. You got that? (It does sound like she’s describing Joe Biden.) 

“Absolutely nothing that President Trump does benefits the country, everything he does is a disaster, and the longer he stays in office the worse it gets,” according to my sister and her friends. It is unwise to ever discuss politics with them: Their anger is instantaneous and palpable. 

Withstanding Withering Attacks

Against such a backdrop has there ever been a president who has withstood such withering attacks from the media 24/7, 365 days a year? Nixon? Maybe. But every single day since taking office? Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Obama? 


Counting all of the newspapers, radio stations, TV and cable networks, independent news agencies, and bloggers, President Trump is verbally attacked at least 1,000 times daily. Many of the attacks are inconsequential, fortunately, and hopefully seen by few people.

The volume of attacks and how public discourse has meandered in recent decades all but ensures that any president who does not govern to the approval of the media machine will be relentlessly hounded. With George W. Bush, somewhere within the media onslaught, the comparisons to Hitler became a near-daily event.

What Donald Trump has been subjected to goes beyond the pale. Every aspect of his existence has been inspected, dissected, trisected, and rejected. All of which leads me to believe that, as supposed to Mr. Trump having mental health issues, the complete opposite is true. 

I’m Okay, I Guess You’re Okay

Can you think of another person alive who could withstand such a blistering, unrelenting attack, and still come up smiling every day? Unlike my sister, I don't have a degree in psychology or psychiatry. As a layperson, President Trump’s overall mental health appears to be fine. Biden is the one with mental health issues.

Think it through: People largely perceive how they are faring in this world through the approval of others, or having at least some level of minimal acceptance. Donald Trump is excoriated by the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC. Even further, CNN devotes itself entirely to diminishing the reputation of our president and seeking to remove him from office.


Why the constant attacks? They can't stand President Trump personally. They despise his unique hairstyle, orange-like visage, use of language, and girth. They seek to find fault with his 24-year younger, incredibly beautiful wife; well-behaved, articulate children; successful son-in-law; and with literally everyone in his administration.

It Was Fine When Obama Did It

The pack dogs don't like any of his policies. This is odd, since some policies represent a continuation of what Obama had put in place. It was okay when Obama did it. When Trump continues the policy or program, well, you guessed it: Not okay!

Former CBS News journalist, Lara Logan, who is now with Fox News, made a sterling observation on Life, Liberty and Levin, hosted by Mark Levin. Essentially, she said that if you don’t like Trump, fine, then report 50% on his policies, and 50% on what you don’t like about him. To be reporting only negative news related to President Trump, around-the-clock, is ridiculous.

Donald Trump has done some remarkable things as president. He enacted prison reform, cleaned up the mess at the Veterans Administration, and lowered drug prices across the board, as three examples. The mainstream press, maniacally united against him, however, constantly seeks to portray him as unbalanced. They reflexively ignore reporting on any of Trump’s accomplishments. 


Who’s Got Mental Health Issues?

Visit your favorite search engine and enter "Trump" and "accomplishments." You will barely find any mainstream press hits. They simply don’t give any air time or column inches to the man’s array of accomplishments. That tells you all you need to know about the state of journalism and the industry in general.

Mental health issues? For my two cents, it's everyone relentlessly attacking him who has the issues.

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