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On Thursday morning, I finished hiking by 11:00 am. Knowing that I was only about a 15-minute drive time from my voting precinct, on the campus at NC State University. I thought, "Okay, it’s the first day of early voting. Still, if I arrive before noon, all should be fine. I arrived at 11:18 am, dutifully parked, walked about 80 hundred yards, and saw a line of considerable length. And the people in line, mostly young, seemed enthusiastic.


I was told that the wait time was 90 minutes. No way I'm standing in a 90-minute line, especially with 16 more days for early voting. I lingered on-site, however, to learn what I could. 

Democrats are Dominant Here

The Democrats, with four volunteers, had a table with their meet-the-candidates card handed out to whomever asked, and many people asked. Farther away, the Republican stand had one elderly gentleman volunteer, who offered a “Wake County GOP, Meet our local candidates” card. In comparison to the Democrat stand, this gentleman had no takers other than me. 

No reason, however, to get upset: I reside in the 27607 zip code, essentially the People's Republic of Raleigh, where no leftist idea is too outrageous. People such as Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and AOC are revered here as God’s political gifts to humanity, and Saturday Night Live is considered to be outrageously funny...

In the 27607 zip code, you will see a yard sign ratio of 15 to 1 favoring Biden and Harris (or should that be Harris and Biden?) Whatever. No cause for alarm. Trump & Pence voters don't wish to invite vandalism, and let’s be frank: The vandalism that occurs leading up to elections is perpetrated largely by the Left. Alternatively, Democrats have no concerns about signaling their voting preferences. Their cars and homes do not get vandalized. Generally speaking, the Right has few vandals.

Close Encounters

At the voting precinct, well over 100 political signs, posted on the grounds, favored Democrats by about four to one. I spoke to the gentleman at the lonely Republican stand and asked, “How things were going?” He said it was a bit slow, then asked if I wanted to have a Wake County, GOP “Meet our local candidates” card. I said, “I need about 10, I want to pass them out.” He was very appreciative! 


He then asked me if I wanted to volunteer on one of these early voting days. I told him that I was already busy writing articles, every other day, hoping to influence the populace. As I departed, I passed by the Democrat stand.

One of four volunteers hovering around was an obnoxious man of about 45 years old. He saw the GOP literature in my hand and said, “Welcome to the party that wears masks.” I said to him in a low, even tone, “Don't get me started.” He said, “Oh no, please start.” Again, in a low, even tone, I said, “A recent CDC study shows that about three quarters of people infected with COVID-19 always wore masks. The masks didn’t help.” 

He mumbled something that I couldn't discern. Then, as I walked away, he yelled out something. I turned around, and maintaining my composure, I said to him, “Don't yell at me.” His compatriots heard me. They had witnessed the brief incident. You could tell that they wished he was better mannered, but apparently they were stuck with him.

Other Days Beckon

As I made my way back to the parking lot, I told the lot attendant that 90 minutes was a bit longer than I care to wait, but with 15 more days of early voting, I'll be back. With luck, I’ll encounter a short line, if any. With that I drove off.

The takeaways: This is going to be an exceedingly hotly-contested election, largely for reasons that you already know. More than that, I sense that Democrats are going to cheat in unparalleled ways, attempting everything that you can imagine and then going far beyond that. The history books years from now will require many chapters to fully document the level of election and voter fraud.


The only way to have relatively few squabbles following the election is if Donald Trump wins by a landslide. Anything short of that and the Democrats, and the Left in particular, will keep up the harangue and confrontations and ultimately violence for another four years, unless they are squelched.

May President Trump score a resounding victory, Joe Biden go back to his basement, and Kamala Harris return to whatever rock she crawled out from under.

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