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By some studies, the typical person utters 15,000 words per day: Women a bit more, apparently, and men a bit less. By that standard, President Trump probably speaks around 30,000 words on any given day. So, in one year he's uttering nearly 11 million words – a lot of fodder for Leftists to slice and dice and take out of context. It is not difficult to extract key phrases with which to create negative sound bites or to write defamatory newspaper and magazine articles.


Certain parties on the Left, among them CNN and MSNBC, monitor right-wing talk shows, news outlets, radio shows, and podcasts, as well as anything said by Trump and his administration. They pounce on any word or phrase that they can use against Trump or, for that matter, anyone on the Right.

Quite an Industry, Wouldn't You Say?

Quiz question #1: If the policies and programs that the Left offers or proposes are valid or effective, would they need to pounce 24/7 on the mere words of their opponents? Would they need to slice and dice and make havoc with whatever they can? If the truth were on their side, would they need to engage in this kind of behavior? Those on the Right, seeking to expose the folly of those on the Left, only need to stick to the truth of what the Left actually does and espouses policy-wise. The truth works.

In essence, the Left’s very existence is built on lies. It is a lie that the government can control everything, effectively dispense funds, and equitably redistribute them. It is a lie that the government can ensure everyone to be on completely equal footing. It is foolish to believe that a one-world government, to which the globalists aspire, can ‘take care’ of all citizens. It is nonsense to contend that the populace can effectively be overseen by self-anointed, elitist, world-class rulers.

Further, it is folly to believe that anyone should stay in power for longer than, say, a couple of decades. In the U.S. we've witnessed what happens when senators are in power for 30, 36, 42 years, and so on. Congressional representatives who are re-elected 10 or 12 times, invariably become reliant on slicing and dicing to stay in power


The Gift of Gab

President Trump is susceptible to slicing and dicing because he is a personable guy, who talks a lot, and likes many people. On occasion, he pontificates, rambles, or thinks out loud. It is as if he shares his stream-of-consciousness with others. Knowing this, the Left vigilantly and viciously seeks to fashion articles, features, or exposés based on what they can glean from President Trump’s many, many utterances.

One could argue that President Trump needs to be more careful about what he says. He should be less off-the-cuff and less shoot-from-the-hip. He ought to pontificate less. Agreed. Still, how do you reverse a lifelong communication pattern? Most people can't do it. In fact, it takes an exceedingly skilled communications expert or linguist to even attempt such a conversion.

The beauty of Trump’s message delivery is that listeners are clear about what he feels and reasonably clear in what he's thinking. In other words, he doesn't hide things. Even if his articulation is not all it could be, people are appreciative of his raw honesty. His supporters find comfort in that.

Careful Cunning Connivers

Tight-lipped presidents, such as Barack Obama, who stick to the script, are harder for others to slice and dice. Obama is a conniver. So is Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, and Depends-customer Nadler. They are well aware of phrases that they need to finesse to avoid having bad headlines the next day. 


You rarely know exactly what the connivers are thinking or intending but, in many instances, they stay out of trouble, whereas Donald Trump does not.

Quiz question #2: Who would you rather have as a leader? Someone whose words and thoughts sometimes slosh all over the place but in whom you always know where he stands? Or, someone who deals in language subterfuge so you are never sure about anything the person says? 

I think I know your answer.

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