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The pace of change impacting the United States of America is accelerating at an alarming rate. This week the Supreme Court bolstered Obamacare by rewriting the law and sanctioning the subsidies that are the centerpiece of the program. On Friday, by a 5-4 margin, the justices legalized gay marriage in all 50 states. This sweeping decision rendered meaningless the vote of Americans in states across the nation.


In essence, these Supreme Court justices, a majority appointed by Republicans, have become a leading force in advancing the liberal agenda. According to research from the New York Times, 54% of the rulings in this term have been liberal, making it the most left wing Supreme Court in 46 years.

In Congress, spineless Republicans have refused to withdraw funding from Obamacare or the President's executive order to grant amnesty to five million illegal aliens. With de-facto open borders, illegal immigrants continue to stream into the country. Unlike previous generations, millions of both legal and illegal immigrants are clinging to the customs and culture of their homeland instead of assimilating into the United States of America.

This week, Republicans in the Senate provided the key votes to pass "fast track" authority for the President. This will mean that the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership involving the United States and 11 other nations must be approved without amendment. The President and his crony corporate Republican allies insist the trade deal will be beneficial to our economy. If so, why is Congress rushing to pass legislation to provide assistance to Americans who will lose their jobs as a result of this deal? Obviously, this trade deal benefits big businesses at the expense of small businesses and the results will mirror what happened in the aftermath of other trade deals such as NAFTA and CAFTA, undoubtedly, major job losses.


In the aftermath of the tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, the President immediately started pushing gun control legislation. He placed politics over decency, advocating legislation before the victims were even buried.

Since there was an Internet video of the murderer draped in the Confederate flag, both Republicans and Democrats started calling for it to be removed from statehouses and other public places. However, the attempt to change history did not stop with the flag; it also extended to statues of Confederate generals. Thus, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu called for the statue of General Robert E. Lee to be removed from Lee Circle on St. Charles Avenue.

Landrieu and his fellow politicians did not show any "courage" by targeting Confederate iconography. In contrast, these politicians were only pursuing the politically correct script. It takes no courage to follow the crowd and promote a liberal agenda.

The politicians who truly try to stop the assault of progressivism are rare indeed. Therefore, liberals usually win and advance their schemes while conservatives are continually on the defensive.

As America prepares to celebrate its 239th birthday, it is obvious that the country has changed forever. There is little hope of going back to the traditions that built this nation. The days of prayer in public schools, protecting unborn babies, and upholding traditional marriage are officially over.


The new America is the home to socialized medicine, unbridled government spending and interference, legalized gay marriage, and rampant illegal immigration.

There is no GOP leadership to stop the forward march of socialism, so Americans can expect even more change in the future. It is a "brave new world" for our country as our freedoms will continue to diminish and our federal government will continue to expand. Our future looks decidedly Orwellian, with Big Brother government in charge and the concept of American liberty a quaint notion from yesteryear.

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