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Islamic Oppression, Leftist Double Standards

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When it was revealed that Dylann Roof, the 21 year-old white man responsible for murdering nine black Christians in their Charleston, South Carolina church, had affection for the Confederate flag, the movers and shakers in the political, corporate, and media worlds launched a campaign to extirpate the flag from every vestige of public life.


In targeting the Confederate flag in response to this lone white wolf, the usual suspects in the Racism-Industrial-Complex (RIC) indicted Southern whites past and present for the atrocity for which Roof alone was responsible.

Interestingly, but not at all surprisingly, no RIC agents reacted in like manner to the recent “hate crime” perpetrated against black Christians in their Nigerian church recently.

In fact, RIC agents haven’t reacted to this at all.

This, of course, is understandable, given that the murderers in question are black Muslims.

Boko Haram militants—“suicide bombers”—entered the Redeemed Christians Church of God in Northeastern Nigeria on July 5, while a service was in session.

By the time it was over with, the pastor and four other congregants were dead.

Among the dead were a mother and her two little children.

Open Doors, an organization dedicated to serving persecuted Christians throughout the world, relays an Associated Press account of the slaying:

“Police rushed to the church on Sunday. Wailing women and stunned men wandered around the wreckage of smashed bricks and twisted zinc sheets blown off the church roof. One congregant said the blast came from a woman in the congregation.”

The worshipper who shared this information refused to give her name for fear of retaliation.

Reportedly, a female terrorist arrived at the church disguised as a worshipper. Upon entering the building, she detonated the bomb that she had strapped on her person.


Unlike the atrocity that occurred in Charleston, this atrocity that occurred in Nigeria is no anomaly but, rather, is part and parcel of a long-standing pattern of Islamic barbarity toward Christians (and, of course, others).

Will the Confederate flag-bashing regiment of the Racism-Industrial-Complex, led by the likes of Barack Obama, be calling anytime soon for the elimination of the Islamic flag, the Star and Crescent? When will they start referring to the latter as a symbol of “hatred” and “oppression”?

Later that night, after the church mass murder, Boko Haram struck again near a university.

Forty-four people were killed.

Open Doors reports that these deaths brought the death toll in Nigeria for that week alone to over 200—all courtesy of Boko Haram.

Is it time to call for the removal of the Star and Crescent?

The president and CEO of Open Doors, David Curry, told The Christian Post:

“The alarming trend of violence against Christians in Nigeria over the past months highlights the lack of religious freedom they [Christians] have and daily dangers they face from the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram and other violent organizations.”

Curry went on to state the obvious:

“Going to school, attending church or identifying yourself as a Christian is a very brave decision in Nigeria.”

Nigeria, he says, is “turning into a bloodbath.”


In Libya, on July 11, three African Christians were abducted by ISIS. Last month, 88 Eritrean Christians met the same fate in Libya.

So, again, we must ask Barack Obama and all RIC agents who waxed indignant over the Confederate flag, have you any plans to reason similarly here and call for the removal of the Star and Crescent?

According to Open Doors, each month, 322 Christians are murdered for their faith; 772 suffer all manner of violence ranging from brutal beatings, kidnappings, rapes, arrests, and forced marriages; and 214 Christian properties and churches are destroyed.

Of the 50 countries around the world that are the worst places for the persecution of Christians, forty of them are Islamic lands.

Let’s not hold our breath waiting for RIC agents to demand of Muslim brutes what they demanded of Southerners for the actions of the lone wolf, Dylann Roof.

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