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Democratic Self Immolation

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Professors on college campuses postponing examinations because of the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States. Colleges bringing in grief counselors because of the election of Donald Trump. Protesters stopping traffic on major highways because of the election of Donald Trump. College protesters shouting that Donald Trump is not their president. Democratic mayors and one Democratic governor considering increased defiance of federal immigration law because of the election of Donald Trump. Groups trying to persuade electoral college members to break both their moral responsibilities and some state laws by voting for Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. A few Hillary supporters thinking about recounts in three states because of the election of Donald Trump. And now, Elizabeth Warren asking for an investigation of the Trump transition because she is concerned about "Trump's chaotic transition."


It is as if Democrats are out to prove to the country that they are immature, petty and obnoxious. The actions of whining Democrats is confirmation of voters' decision to vote for Donald Trump. The liberal approach to losing a presidential election is apparently to stamp their feet and cry in public.

Are we kidding here? The Democratic Party nominated the worst and most vulnerable candidate in U.S. history who, after losing, blamed the head of the FBI,who declined to recommend that she be indicted, as the reason for her loss. Regardless of Mr. Trump's many vulnerabilities, Mrs. Clinton was an awful candidate and the post election meltdown of the Democratic Party is demonstrating the wisdom of the voters.

While the main stream media seems to be stalking Mr. Trump and trying to magnify every small misstep as a risk to the safety of the planet, Mr. Trump seems to be approaching his new role professionally and without a hint of retribution to the Democrats or the Republicans who opposed him. Truly, like Lincoln, he appears to be putting together somewhat of a Team of Rivals. No one could have remotely predicted either Mitt Romney or Nikki Haley as individuals from whom Mr. Trump would have sought advice or to whom Mr. Trump would offer a key position or two. He is reaching out regardless of what was said during the campaign, gender or race. These are the qualities most people want in their President.


I voted for neither Mr. Trump nor Mrs. Clinton. To date, I like what I see from Mr. Trump and I find the Democratic reaction to Mr. Trump a reason to think I should have voted for Mr. Trump. Excluding voters who thought the wall with Mexico or an indictment of Mrs. Clinton were the touchstones of their vote for Mr. Trump, the number of Trump voters who are happy to date must be nearly one hundred percent.

Many, very many, Democratic and Republican voters who held their nose and voted for Mrs. Clinton must be having voter remorse. Voters do not want a continuous negative approach to the president of the United States. Voters do not want a senator who has never managed more than a group of sycophantic staffers attacking an experienced businessman who is putting together a team of thousands to oversee the government. The man has not taken more than a day off since his election, is working 14 hours a day, and has a bit of experience in putting together effective management teams. Voters do not want far left college professors and administrators sniffling about voter decisions and influencing their college age citizens to act like grade school children.

If the Democrats who are already far outnumbered in state legislatures and Congress  wish to become the political party of the past, self immolation through continued un-constructive whining is a great first step. Winning is a great elixir. Whining is a path to oblivion.


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