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He is Our President

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President Obama never made my top thirty; Donald Trump has not made it into my top twenty. It matters not. The President of the United States has been selected based upon a Constitution that has been in place and served us well for over two hundred years. We hope for President Trump’s unbridled success for the people of the United States of America.

President Trump is unlikely to earn a Nobel Prize for peace in the next twenty-four hours, but neither did President Obama “earn” a Nobel Prize. Let us hope and pray that President Trump will earn a Nobel Prize for peace while he is actually the President of the United States. Let us pray he earns his Nobel Prize for his unerring leadership in creating a more peaceful world. Beginning in January 2017, he is the world’s best hope for peace.

The big electoral expectation miss for Republicans who are and were concerned with President Trump’s character was the focus on President Trump rather than Mrs. Clinton. Mrs. Clinton never understood that regardless of what she believed, she needed to “fess up” that the e-mail system she installed was not a minor mistake subject to legal review, but a major mistake that risked the security of the United States. Whether it actually caused any harm to our security or not was irrelevant. It is always the cover-up.

Mrs. Clinton never understood that the Obama administration governed by executive orders that were not in concert with most citizens’ views of our governmental processes or their views on important issues. The ends do not justify the means in a democracy and advancing programs uniformly opposed by the general populace is always a perfect plan for losing the next election. Obamacare may sound good in a conference room filled with eggheads; it is unworkable and the American people were and are opposed to the program.

A thousand writers will have a thousand ideas of what went wrong for Mrs. Clinton and what went right for President Trump. I think President Trump benefitted from a lack of respect for the law by elected officials in sanctuary cities, the lack of respect for the flag demonstrated by professional football players and a general sense that the country is being run for the benefit of special interest groups as opposed to the benefit of everyone. Those special interest groups could be everything from politicians to racial groups to disability groups. I suggest that the “average Joe” feels that no one in the current administration cares about him. He is the least important cog in the wheel. When that happens, that “average Joe” votes for the other candidate.

So, President Trump, unite our country, move away from an imperial presidency, work with Congress, lift regulatory burdens, use the extraordinary powers of the presidency to advance out nation within the framework of the Constitution. Nominate judges who believe in that Constitution of the United States and not in popular interpretations of the day.

President Trump, you are OUR President.  Make us proud!


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