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The civil war in the Republican Party has been heating up since election day, with many pro-Trump patriots realizing the enemy within may be more insidious than the enemies facing them.


This has caused many well-intentioned but foolhardy patriots to run from the field of battle. Some Trump supporters have suggested forming a third party, like the Libertarians or Greens, to really show the GOP establishment who's boss. The logic is that the Republican establishment would have to bow to this new party or die entirely.

This logic is flawed and belies the nature of the uniparty system that is in place. The special interests that lord over the Republican and Democrat parties are not intimidated by third-party distractions. The power would remain concentrated, with the far-left Democrats being strengthened as conservative power dissolves amidst internecine strife that will ultimately be fruitless. 

Trump has staked his claim successfully as the Reagan of his era among Republicans, throwing a wrench into the uniparty's schemes. He is the most popular Republican leader in a generation who has delivered in ways that traditional politicians could never dream of. If a GOP Mount Rushmore were to exist, Trump's visage would certainly be etched upon it. A GOP mass exodus would immediately nullify the incredible gains made over the past four years.

The GOP is Trump's party now. He successfully performed the hostile takeover in 2016, crushing the best the Republicans had to offer with ease, and the Republican establishment desperately wants to put the genie back in the bottle. As they have shown throughout the vote steal, they will happily surrender political victories to regain control over the party. Fewer men and women of good conscience in the Republican mix is exactly what they need right now.


When the tea party and the liberty movement waned after gaining momentum in the early 2010s, it was because patriots became disaffected with the GOP and quit because they could not stomach the fight. The radical Left succeeds today because they had the patience to march through the institutions over the course of many decades. The Republican Party may be the last remaining institution that isn't completely captured by the globalists. Throwing it away in a myopic tantrum would be a cataclysmic mistake. 

The grievances underpinning the anti-GOP revolt are more than justified, to be sure. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and his Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger would be worthy of a tarring and feathering in the days of the founding-era revolutionaries. We all know how the Founding Fathers would have dealt with swamp creatures of both parties, but they gave us a constitution as our birthright allowing us to resist tyranny peacefully. We owe it to our heroic ancestors and our Creator who bestowed us with the liberty to keep the Republic intact. 

The Republican Party is disgustingly corrupt and a national disgrace, but we can see how the Trump movement is exerting its influence. Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, who face competitive run-off elections this week, are not ideal candidates from a conservative standpoint, but they are shifting right-ward if for no other reason but to keep their government positions. They will not be Mitt Romney or John McCain-style lawmakers if they are re-elected. At the very least, they will be forced to posture to the right to stay relevant and satisfy their constituents because of Trump's dominance.


There is an America First movement within the GOP that is tallying major victories. The Texas Republican Party has been seized by Col. Allen West, who talks about the possibility of secession as party chairman. Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene has become the bane of neocon warmongers before even being sworn into office.  It is not difficult to imagine figures like MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, Barstool Sports impresario Dave Portnoy, or even popular celebrities like Matthew McConaughey or Kanye West running successfully on the Republican ticket in the near future. Our moment is now, and the GOP infrastructure must be exploited to maximize our impact.

From the COVID-19 mass hysteria event to the Black Lives Matter pogroms to the coordinated vote steal, the globalists are pulling out all the stops right now because they are terrified. They are frightened of the momentum that has been built around the populist, nationalist revolution launched by Trump. However, this movement is much bigger than one man, and its success ultimately hinges upon the grassroots. We could blow his momentum if we are not judicious and measured in this critical period. The grassroots to achieve success needs to remain in the GOP, destroy RINOs in primary contests, support Republicans in general elections, and make sure establishment traitors cannot escape the specter of Trump for generations to come.



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