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The Left’s War on Conservative Students at KU

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There is a clear stigma that comes with being a conservative on today’s ultra-liberal college campuses. As a student at the University of Kansas, I’ve grown accustomed to being laughed at and mocked when I say I believe conservatism is the ideology that most effectively helps those struggling to live paycheck-to-paycheck or fight for equality in the face of bigotry. As a result, I thought it best to return to campus this fall and organize a group that would help educate other KU students on the benefits of conservative ideas as well as promote free speech. I obviously expected some dissent coming from those who have been indoctrinated by the rampant leftism taught by professors on campus, but I never expected myself and my conservative peers would face the hatred we’ve encountered over the past month at KU.


As founding chairman of Kansas University’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter, I have been personally attacked for weeks by campus radicals. My officers and I are routinely slandered as white supremacists, bigots, perpetuators of “violence” on campus, and, in the words of an actual research assistant working at KU, “garbage human beings.” My club has been openly targeted for termination by the leftist thought police who want KU YAF disbanded simply because they don’t agree with our conservative values.

Videos of our YAF chapter’s meetings have gone viral online. They’ve racked up hundreds of thousands of views and rallied people across the country to register their shock and disgust after watching KU’s intolerant leftwing protestors scream in our faces, berate us for speaking out about our beliefs, and surround us in a mob-like environment.

What’s even more alarming are the actions that appear to be taking place at KU's administrative level. After the first video of a KU YAF meeting went viral in late September, our original advisor stepped down. Afterwards, it took us more than a week to even get in contact with another potential advisor. This speaks volumes about the state of campuses today— either there are hardly any conservative professors at KU, or there are, but due to the tactics of the leftists who invade our meetings, they're afraid to associate themselves with our club. This is simply unacceptable.


My fears about the deliberate lack of support from KU’s administration have grown stronger as I’ve witnessed the cozy relationship between the radical protestors and school administrators. For example, in my last meeting a protestor yelled at a student union employee, alleging the administration promised to lock my group out of all conference rooms that night. This is a bombshell revelation. If that claim is accurate, which is likely considering the administrator did not correct the protestor’s allegation, it appears there was a joint venture to deny a group of students from meeting in a public space on campus.

That night, the situation only got worse. As my YAF chapter left the meeting room, we were surrounded and harassed by an estimated 70 to 100 people as faculty looked on and did nothing to support us, simply watching as students were bullied for their beliefs.

I hope by speaking out I can shed light on the reality campus conservatives face at KU. We are mobbed, bullied, and berated for our beliefs while administrators look on approvingly, failing to protect our freedom of assembly or reprimand students who viscously attack us. This is not what most taxpayers—or even student applicants—are led to believe is going on at KU.


It is time it stops.

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