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A Vote Against Gay Marriage is a Vote FOR Tolerance

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Twenty years ago, a group of prominent homosexuals got together in Warrentown, Virginia to map out their plan to get homosexuality accepted by the general public. In the book that resulted from their meeting, they revealed a strategy that achieves its effect "without reference to facts, logic or proof . . . the person's beliefs can be altered whether he is conscious of the attack or not."  

            In other words, their strategy was pure propaganda. That propaganda campaign has many people today believing that denying same-sex marriage involves denying rights to a victimized minority. That belief could not be further from the truth. In fact, let me suggest what the same-sex marriage debate is not about.

         It is not about equality or equal rights.

         It is not about discrimination against a class of people.

         It is not about denying homosexuals the ability to commit to one another.

         It is not about love or private relationships.

         It is not about bigotry or homophobia.

         It is not about sexual orientation or being born a certain way.

         It is not about race or the civil rights struggle.

         It is not about interracial marriage.

         It is not about heterosexuals and divorce.

         It is not about the separation of church and state.

         It is not even about religion.

            “But that’s all I hear about,” you say.

            Of course, that’s because the propaganda campaign continues to be successful. Those topics are all smokescreens designed to divert you.

            In fact, for homosexuals, this debate isn’t even about marriage. As data from countries with same-sex marriage show, approximately 96 percent of homosexuals don’t get married when they are given the opportunity.  And those that do get “married” break up at a much higher rate than heterosexuals. 

            Since most homosexuals don’t want to get married or stay married, then why are homosexual activists so adamant about government recognition of same-sex marriage? Because same-sex marriage will win them what they really want—validation and normalization. In other words, the activists want same-sex marriage because they understand that government-backed same-sex marriage will validate and normalize homosexuality throughout society.

            The key point here is “government-backed.” Homosexuals already can “marry” one another privately. There is just no government version of it. Nothing is stopping homosexuals from pledging themselves to one another in private same-sex marriage ceremonies. In fact, it is done all the time—there is an entire cottage industry for “gay” weddings.

            But that’s not enough for homosexual activists. What they want is government endorsement for their relationships. They know that such endorsement will make homosexuality and their behavior appear just as normal as heterosexuality. That’s why the same-sex marriage movement has more to do with respect than rights.

            Greg Koukl puts this very well: “Same-sex marriage is not about civil rights. It is about validation and social respect. It is a radical attempt at civil engineering using government muscle to strong-arm the people into accommodating a lifestyle many find deeply offensive, contrary to nature, socially destructive, and morally repugnant.” Same-sex marriage advocate Andrew Sullivan understands this. He writes, “Including homosexuals within marriage would be a means of conferring the highest form of social approval imaginable.” 

            This is the real reason homosexual activists are relentlessly pushing to get the government to endorse same-sex marriage. Most don’t want to get “married,” but they do want the social approval that same-sex marriage will win them.

            Once they get that legal and social approval, no one disagreeing with them will be safe. Schools, businesses, churches, and charities will be bludgeoned with threats and lawsuits until they abandon their convictions and agree to promote what is pleasantly called “diversity.”  Ironically, the only view allowed by the coming diversity police is the narrow view that you must celebrate homosexuality.  No other view will be tolerated.

            In fact, this intolerance is already happening and will get worse if same-sex marriage spreads. A federal court recently denied parents the right to know when homosexuality was being discussed in their Massachusetts schools because gay marriage is now legal there.  Also in Massachusetts, a Catholic adoption agency was forced to close its doors rather than provide children to homosexual couples as the state now demands.  In New Jersey, a Christian ministry was investigated for refusing to conduct a same-sex ceremony.  In California, a doctor was sued for refusing to artificially inseminate a lesbian. Several other examples of gay intolerance can be found here, and the unbelievable forced normalization of homosexuality in businesses, schools and charities throughout Massachusetts can be found here.  (Click on that link if you really want to see how bad the intolerance can get.)

            Moreover, as I’ve shown in Gay Marriage:  Even Liberals Know It’s Bad, government-backed same-sex marriage also will hurt our children, our health, our economy and our nation. Thankfully, voters still have the choice to not endorse intolerance and political correctness.  The good people of California, Arizona and Florida can vote for tolerance this Election Day by confirming that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

Adapted from the new e-book Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone.

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