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The Depravity of Our Left Side

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Want to eat genetically modified food? Expect a number of voices from the American left to tell you to avoid it. They claim it causes all sorts of maladies. To be sure, there are some voices on the right who say the same. But mostly it is socially engineering leftists who think it should be avoided.


The left is OK denying Africans of corn bred to survive drought. Better the Africans die than eat corn bred to survive heat and lack of rain. For that matter, the left would also prefer Africans die of malaria than spray DDT. It is better that a thousand Africans die of malaria than to risk one bird dying due to DDT, according to the prevailing zeitgeist of the American left. After all, we can send mosquito netting to Africa.

With animals, too, the left wants no fur touched to benefit science or mankind. If you test a chemical or a medical procedure on animals, you are surely destined for liberal hellfire, which amounts to an edited Wikipedia entry about you and possibly an overwrought Diane Sawyer special condemning you.

The American left that would starve Africans, see them die of malaria and see science stagnate because of animal-testing concerns does have an alternative: babies. That would be human babies. If you want to experiment with body parts from human children, "progressive" Americans are perfectly fine with that.

This news has not appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC or most any other news channel except Fox News. The New York Times and most other major American papers have gone to great lengths to explain it all away.

Nonetheless, undercover videos from a pro-life advocacy group have caught senior executives of Planned Parenthood, the nation's leading abortion provider, discussing how they crush children in ways to avoid damage to their brains, lungs, livers, hearts and other organs so that those organs can be harvested and sold.


In the first of several videos released by the Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood's Senior Director of Medical Services Deborah Nucatola discussed on camera what her organization did. Matter-of-factly, she stated, "I'd say a lot of people want liver. And for that reason, most providers will do this case under ultrasound guidance, so they'll know where they're putting their forceps. The kind of rate-limiting step of the procedure is calvarium. Calvarium -- the head -- is basically the biggest part."

She went on to say, between taking bites of salad, "We've been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I'm not gonna crush that part. I'm gonna basically crush below, I'm gonna crush above, and I'm gonna see if I can get it all intact." Note, by the way, the irony of Planned Parenthood finding ultrasounds useful during abortion to help harvest organs, when they otherwise decry requiring ultrasounds before abortion as equivalent to rape.

In the second video, Mary Gatter, medical director for Planned Parenthood's Pasadena and San Gabriel offices, is caught on film discussing the price of the organs harvested. "Let me just figure out what others are getting, and if this is in the ballpark, then it's fine. If it's still low, then we can bump it up. I want a Lamborghini," she says. She also suggests the abortionist might be able to alter how he performs an abortion to harvest the organs better. "I wouldn't object to asking Ian, who's our surgeon who does the cases, to use an IPAS (manual vacuum aspirator) at that gestational age in order to increase the odds that he's going to get an intact specimen."


Planned Parenthood has resorted to attacking the pro-life group that released the tape. They have all but admitted they harvest and sell organs. The American left claimed the videos were edited, but the Center for Medical Progress then released the unedited videos, which show the same thing.

It is worth remembering that Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, an advocate of eugenics programs who spoke to the KKK. Her legacy lives on with her organization. But the American media would prefer you not know.

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