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“You got trouble! Right here in River City!” In the 1962 Hollywood movie “The Music Man,” traveling salesman and con artist Professor Henry Hill blew into the fictional mid-western town of River City, Iowa, intent on shaking them down for every penny he could. The refrain continued “You got trouble. It starts with ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘P’ and that stands for pool.” Hill’s scam was to prevent juvenile delinquency and sell ‘civic pride,’ along with band equipment and uniforms to residents, and then blow back out of town leaving behind a bunch of useless items, empty promises, and a much poorer community.


Nowadays a more appropriate version would be “You got trouble. It starts with ‘B’ and that Rhymes with ‘D,’ and that stands for Biden and Democrats.” Biden and the Democrats blew into Washington in January of 2021, and have through their disastrous approach been systematically destroying what once was the greatest country on the planet. Bringing with them only useless policies, empty words, and making our nation much poorer, thus fulfilling Barack Obama’s 2008 promise to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

Biden and the Democrats have single-handedly dismantled our military, turning the world’s premiere fighting force into a proving ground for every insane idea that the nation’s Alphabet People and the mentally ill throw at it, seeing what they can get to stick to the wall. ‘Equity’ has taken over ‘readiness and winning wars’ as the primary goal of our military and civilian leadership.  The Obamunists are fully in charge of the military and all of our intelligence services, and our enemies are watching and taking notice.

Another version of that refrain from the 1962 movie could also be that “It starts with ‘T’ and that rhymes with ‘C’ and ‘P’ and that stands for CCP.” The Communist Chinese are hell bent on destroying America and doing so before the 2024 elections when Americans might have a chance to turn this ship of state around from the catastrophic course it’s been on and prevent what Chairman Xi and the Communist Chinese Party have in mind for us. Which is to replace America as the preeminent political and military power in the world, and tossing the United States onto the ash heap of history, as former President Ronald Reagan once predicted for communism.


The Chinese communists have effectively infiltrated every aspect of our society, and continue to do so at an alarming rate. While there are certainly some of the thousands of Chinese illegally crossing our southern border doing so out of a desire to escape the oppression of China and live in freedom in America, how many are being ‘sent’ here by the CCP to establish cells or connect with existing cells, and set up an advance capability for China’s efforts to create chaos on our streets at some point in the not-too-distant future?

My guess is that a fair number of them are indeed here for that purpose, connecting with other Chinese spies and terrorist cells who are already on the ground, legally and illegally here in America. I suspect there are CCP sympathizers out there in our military and other professions who are awaiting instructions from their CCP handlers on when to begin operations against our infrastructure, including our vulnerable and fragile electrical grid, along with any other targets they deem of value.  The CCP’s propaganda efforts have long been active, conducting covert influence operations and infiltrating our news media, entertainment industry, and labor unions to name just a few.

The Communist Chinese have been particularly effective at infiltrating our colleges and universities, braining-washing a couple of generations of America’s youth. Everyone remembers the West Point graduate who on graduation day proudly displayed the ‘Che Guevara’ T-Shirt he was wearing under his Cadet uniform, along with the handwritten sign tucked inside his hat that read “Communism Will Win.” When our youths are bombarded with communist indoctrination almost from the time they start grammar school it’s easy to understand how the CCP’s influence has achieved so much success.


They have also been able to compromise our political leadership through exploiting the greed and corruption of many of our career politicians, lining their pockets with Chinese money.   Up to and including the Biden Crime Family whose Chinese connections are coming to light and clearly showing that the president himself has likely been compromised.

The only thing standing between a complete Chinese Communist take-over of America are the roughly 150 million responsible and patriotic armed Americans who are willing to stand up and defend America, alongside those in our military who still pledge their allegiance to the Stars and Stripes, and not to a rainbow flag.   The CCP through their Democrat Party allies are doing all they can to disarm Americans and remove this deterrence as well.

So the fictional River City, Iowa, isn’t the only place that had trouble.  We definitely got trouble here in America.  We better recognize it, understand it, and take steps to confront it and defeat it.

And just like River City, the Biden administration and the Obamunists have given us nothing but useless policies and empty promises.

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