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Taking a look at Joe Biden’s first week in office one would wonder just what this “unity” thing he mentioned during his Inauguration Address is all about. What he has been doing since taking office doesn’t appear to be very unifying. Certainly nothing has been done that would please the 74 million Americans who voted against him. Instead, what Biden has been doing appears to be something right out of the Barack Obama playbook.


Using his “pen” to enact an extreme leftist agenda instead of unifying the country, even though he has full control of the House and the Senate to support him. Why waste time and go through the pretext of actually drafting legislation, just use an ink pen to get what you want.  

Based on what we saw during the campaign, and since his assuming the Office of the Presidency, I think that it’s pretty obvious that Joe Biden is merely a figurehead.  A placeholder filling in until Barack Obama can deftly remove him from the presidency and maneuver Kamala Harris into the Oval Office. Which has been the plan of Barack Obama from the very start. After all, Harris was Obama’s choice from the beginning of the 2020 campaign for the Democrat Party’s nomination for president. 

Unfortunately for both Obama and Harris she bombed out during the primaries. She’s just not a very likable person. She has an abrasive and condescending personality, and a grating laugh even worse than Hillary Clinton’s cackle, that’s difficult for even Democrat voters to listen to. Once it became obvious that she had no chance at winning the nomination outright, Obama’s plan had to be modified to salvage what he could.

Harris would have to play nice with Joe Biden (the same man she accused of sexual assault and racism during the primary debates), and get herself into the position of being selected as the running mate for the eventual party nominee.  Though her selection by Barack Obama instead of by Biden was already a foregone conclusion.  It just had to ‘look’ like it was Biden’s decision.  


The party had finally and fully gotten behind Biden, deciding that he was the least crazy and objectionable Democrat to go up against President Trump, out of all the nut cases that had been running for the Democrat party’s nomination.  And he was the candidate with the best chance of defeating Trump in the general election. Biden’s diminished mental capacity would have to be covered up as best as they could, but with the help of a compliant and Trump-hating news media it could be accomplished. 

Obama and the Democrat powers knew that Joe Biden was really incapable of meeting the demands of the presidency. His dementia - not to mention his family’s corruption - likely would end his presidency early anyway. Biden was selected with the intent that he would only be a temporary occupant of the White House, if he could win the election. Which Obama and the Democrats were determined to make happen, by hook or by crook.

With Joe Biden successfully installed in the presidency, Barack Obama and his ‘insider’ Harris would ensure that Biden followed their direction. Any objective observer can clearly see that Biden hasn’t a clue what he’s doing. Does anyone honestly believe that Biden helped draft and create, or understand the executive orders he’s been turning out by the dozens since he took office? Joe Biden is escorted into the Oval Office every day so he doesn’t get lost and walk into walls.  He’s seated behind the Resolute Desk and handed a stack of documents to sign, aides taking care to ensure that he signs the right name and spells it correctly.


When the photo op is concluded Joe is shuffled off to some other carefully screened and controlled event where he can do little damage, and those selected by Barack Obama take over the duties inside the Oval Office crafting additional executive orders for Biden to sign. 

Joe Biden taking his lead from Barack Obama clearly does nothing to unify this country, since for eight years Obama was the most divisive person to ever occupy the White House. Once Joe Biden is replaced by Kamala Harris, Obama’s goal of “fundamentally transforming” the United States of America will most certainly kick into overdrive. 

Any semblance of “unity” be damned. 

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