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Collusion or Illusion?

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With Democrats and their allies in the corrupt American news media literally foaming at the mouth over the president’s son Donald Trump Jr. meeting over a year ago with a Russian attorney who may or may not be connected to Vladimir Putin and the Russian government, it’s time to bring a little sanity to all of this hoopla over this truly meaningless meeting.

Understanding up front that those two corrupt entities mentioned, the Democrats and the media will never admit to being insane, regardless of how much evidence is presented which clearly shows that they have entered the ‘Twilight Zone’ in their attacks against this sitting president, we will trudge ahead to try to explain anyway.

It’s important to point out that the reaction of the Democratic Party and the corrupt news media to the election of Donald Trump as president has been unprecedented in its ferocity.  Never in my memory going back to the second term of the Eisenhower Administration – I was a precocious child and interested in politics at an early age - has a candidate and later president ever experienced the types of personal attacks against themselves and their families as this president has.  The abuse aimed at President Trump by members of the Democratic Party and much of the news media has simply been beyond disgusting and bordering on the bizarre, hence the reference to the Twilight Zone.

Hillary Clinton was supposed to be sitting behind the Oval Office’s Resolute Desk right now, dispatching her minions with the wave of her hand to all corners of the world to advance her vision, and to promote the extreme liberal agenda favored by Hillary Clinton, her party, and her allies in the news media.

But it didn’t happen when a groundswell of Americans with a different vision so unexpectedly flushed those dreams of Hillary and her supporters right down the toilet, and the Democrats simply could not accept it.  Hence the grasping at anything they might be able to use to try to undo the election they so desperately fought to win.

Which brings us to this most recent attempt to insert insanity into the epic battle between the Trump Administration and everybody else it sometimes seems, this brief meeting between Donald Jr. and Russia lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya.

As described by the president’s son, the meeting was so inconsequential so as to be easily forgotten by him, a person who is involved in countless meetings every single day while helping run the Trump Empire.  Obviously no Democrat knows what it takes to run a successful business, which is why they can’t seem to understand this brief exchange that took place a year ago.  Or is it something else ? 

While the career politicians in Washington generally refrain from questioning the integrity of their opponents using niceties to express their disagreement, I’m not bound by those same rules.  I can speak plainly as to what the problem is.

Certainly Republicans have had their share of prevaricators over the years, and possess a few now who seem to have trouble telling fact from fiction, but the Democratic Party is made up of a collection of stooges, misfits, lost souls, and bold-faced liars.

They huff and they puff and they get all swelled up with outrage over Donald Trump Jr’s. meeting and his e-mails discussing the Russians, knowing full well that Hillary Clinton’s campaign would have knocked bystanders over running to meet with the same Russians if those had contacted her campaign and claimed to have dirt on her opponent Donald Trump.  People literally would have been steamrolled!

For that matter the Clintons are always interested in getting dirt on anybody, whether they happen to be running against Hillary or not.  After all, they invented ‘the politics of personal destruction’.  Just ask any of the countless women sexually assaulted by former President Bill Clinton over the years.  They know full well what the Clintons are capable of.

The Democrats of today have proven themselves to be unconcerned with serving the greater interests of the United States of America.  Democrats above all else care only about party loyalty and political power.  Along with the corrupt news media they are allied with, the Democratic Party of today represents a clear and present danger to the future of the republic if they ever regain control of the House, Senate, or the White House.

And their claims of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian President Vladimir Putin is nothing but an illusion.

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