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Donald Trump is our president. All of the protesting isn't going to change that. We can argue about the popular vote versus Electoral College but it's irrelevant, the United States Constitution says Donald Trump won.


He wasn't my first choice. Nor my second, third, fourth or fifth. Initially I preferred any of the other sixteen Republican candidates over Trump. Not because I disliked or disagreed with all of his positions on the issues, but because I believed - wrongly as it turns out - that Hillary Clinton would defeat him.

Did Russia hack into the Democrats’ computers?  I’m more concerned about the level of corruption and illegal behavior uncovered than I am whether any hacking occurred.  Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt and dishonest politician in American history to ever run for president. And she came very close to winning.  What's that say about half of our country? 

Once Trump won the nomination I supported him because I could not in good conscience stand by and watch Hillary Clinton win the presidency. She is undeserving of such a high honor. You may well argue that Trump is likewise undeserving. But he won his party's nomination, and the general election.

Trump has suggested a ban on Muslims immigration.  While I disagree with a blanket ban on any group, with regards to the Syrian refugees I think it's wiser and in their better interest to provide a temporary safe haven closer to home.  Others need to accept and respect our laws or just don’t come here.

We need to secure our borders and prevent illegal immigration. I don't believe that all illegal aliens living in the U.S. should be scooped up and dropped at Mexico's border. But I do believe that the criminal element should be arrested and deported as quickly as possible.


There should be a 'guest worker' program put in place for those who simply want to do the jobs most Americans won't.  As for the so-called 'Dreamers', there should be steps put in place that will eventually lead to legal status and perhaps even citizenship. But only after they perform some public or military service in order to earn the right to stay.

Israel is our close friend and ally, and under almost daily attacks from Palestinians simply for trying to exist. The Palestinians are not a "people". They are a conglomeration of Arab Jordanians and have never had their own homeland. Nothing was ever taken from them by Israel.

Have any of us not said something in the past that we regret?  Do all of our past comments and statements make us who we are as a person?  I’m pretty sure that I’ve said something that I regret, as we all have. I grew up in a different time when different attitudes and realities existed. I don't offer that as an excuse, only as the reality of our past.

Even now I can be expected to say something pretty stupid just about every day. But as most Americans have done I have made a concerted effort over the years to remove offensive language from my vocabulary, and to change my opinions and attitudes on many things.

Not everything mind you, there are some things I believe come down to basic right and wrong.  I still insist that I be allowed the right to follow and practice my religious beliefs whether everyone else agrees with some of them or not. The Constitution guarantees that to me.  And I should not be penalized by the government for following my conscience.


My position on abortion is simply that I abhor the practice.  I believe there are alternatives as well as the means available to prevent unwanted pregnancies. I certainly understand the argument that it takes two people, and the father of the child must also be accountable.

That being said, abortion is the law of the land and until it is changed each person must answer to their own conscience. But we have become numb to the process and it is long past time for Americans to think about the issue in terms of something other than just self-interest.

ObamaCare is bad legislation.  No one should be denied health care. But better legislation can be produced.  It's time for politicians from all parties to join the process and fix this problem.

I think the American press have lost all objectivity, and as such they have lost credibility. It is up to them to gain back the trust of Americans, if they ever had it in the first place.  Political biases must be removed from hard news reporting or Americans are going to reject anything coming from the news media.

America's military is not the place for social experimentation. Period.

I think that I'm pretty typical of people who supported candidate Trump.  Pretty “mainstream” I believe.  And willing to listen to opposing points of view as long as it leads to solutions.

I'm not some Nazi, monster, or any of the other names I'm being called. And if you angry women want to actually solve problems and discuss your concerns over issues important to you then lower the volume.  I don’t respond well to being insulted or lectured to. 


I'd also suggest that you stop listening to those “self-appointed leaders” and “celebrities” who simply want to feed their own egos and feel relevant by giving speeches. It’s also not in your best interest to embarrass yourself and our country in front of the world by doing ridiculous acts of civil disobedience that only make you look foolish.

I'm willing to listen to you and to discuss your concerns. I’m likely open to compromise on some issues.  And you should be too.  That’s how it works.  But I'm not going to listen to you scream at me, threaten me, or call me names.  If you do that I'll tune you out.

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