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On the Contrary, Hope Has Been Restored

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According to William Shakespeare, “The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope”. During her recent conversation with television icon Oprah Winfrey, soon-to-be-former First Lady Michelle Obama remarked that all hope was lost for America with the departure of her husband Barack Obama from office, and the election of Republican Donald Trump as the next President of the United States. Based on her comments, it would seem that she isn’t very proud of her country anymore.


The subtle racism implied by her comments aside considering that a large majority of white working-class Americans voted against her husband’s party, the First Lady conveniently overlooked the tens of millions of Americans of all races and walks of life, at least half the country who have been miserable to the point of despair over the two terms of her husband’s presidency.

We all watched with grave concern for the country we love and cherish as her husband appointed misfits and outcasts to positions as “czars” and ambassadors, and as cabinet secretaries and other senior level posts in his administration. Amateurs and ideologues all of them.

Many Americans were genuinely fearful that our nation might not even survive its eight year flirtation with Barack Obama’s version of socialism and wealth redistribution. Not to mention his “leading from behind” brand of foreign policy that has weakened our national security, baffled and concerned our allies, and emboldened our enemies.

During the eight years of Obama the United States limped along on the world scene as a “once great power”. Whether by design or by accident, Barack Obama and his administration’s main accomplishments were to do nothing but to weaken and divide the nation.

When Islamic radical terrorists attacked our historic European ally France, Obama dispatched a has-been folk singer to serenade them, instead of helping them to hunt down the bad guys and exact justice. With this most recent attack in Berlin one can only wonder if Barack Obama will be dispatching a Polka band to assuage the German’s collective national grief over the plague of ISIS that was created by Obama’s own timidity and misguided foreign policy.


Many Hillary Clinton supporters, including some Hollywood notables who apparently believe that they hold some sway over average Americans, are despondent over her loss in November’s election. Despairing to the point of making a pointless video imploring Electoral College voters to ignore their legal commitments and “vote their conscience” in a pathetic, last ditch effort to deny Donald Trump the office that he legitimately won on November 8th.

Others have taken to the streets demonstrating, rioting, and demanding that the election be overturned. And prior to actually casting their Electoral College votes, many of the Electors received hundreds, even thousands of letters, e-mails, and phone calls, many threatening them and their families if they cast their vote for Donald Trump, the candidate who won their state, and as they were required to do by law. All of the anti-Trump protesters are perfect examples of the whiny, childish, and petulant individuals one has come to expect from the liberal “snowflakes” and supporters of the Democratic Party.

Resorting to any argument they can think of to try to overturn the will of the people that was spoken loudly and clearly back in November, Hillary Clinton’s campaign led by John Podesta are now trying to undercut Trump’s presidency by claiming the Russians interfered in the election.

While conveniently not denying that the supposed “interference” by the Russians simply revealed very embarrassing information disclosed in e-mails, including the Clinton campaign’s collusion with the Democratic National Committee to deny Bernie Sanders any chance at the nomination.


Can you imagine if Republicans had acted similarly? The hyper-partisan “fraudulent news media” would be attacking them as sore losers, spoil-sports, and cry babies. Unworthy of any attention, and certainly not to be taken seriously.

Thank God the grownups will be back in charge in Washington, D.C. on January 20, 2017. The reality is that with the election of Donald Trump, along with his excellent cabinet nominations and national security appointees, hope for the future has indeed been restored. The world will again see the United States of America once more leading from the front and assuming our rightful place as the world’s only super-power. Bold and unafraid to face any and all challenges head-on.

Hope does indeed spring eternal.

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