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Phony Baloney

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Twice defeated and going for ‘third time’s a charm’, the Democrat candidate for president Hillary Clinton has begun to speak out against what she and others in the Democrat Party are calling “fake news” and “the Russians” as the reasons for her defeat by her Republican opponent, and now the President-elect Donald J. Trump.


Defeated in both the November election, as well as in the Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s curious “recount” and fund-raising scam, it appears that Hillary Clinton continues her last gasp effort to change the results of the people’s vote in November. Or at least try to explain why she was so soundly rejected by the American people - minus the State of California and a couple of other bastions of liberalism - by claiming that fake news and Russian interference did her in.

Hillary’s ego, and her die hard supporters simply cannot accept the fact that Hillary and everything that she stands for – which we’re not really sure what that is since it changed with the wind throughout her public career - simply wasn’t what the American people wanted any part of anymore.

Not only was Hillary Clinton rejected by the voters, but so was the current occupant of the White House Barack Obama. Americans had grown tired of his lectures and his racially divisive personality. And with Clinton promising more of the same the voters spoke out loudly and clearly that they have had enough, and that they wanted our country to move in a different direction than was being promised by Hillary Clinton.

Americans have also grown weary of the political correctness supported by both Obama and Clinton that has invaded every aspect of American life, where one can’t go through a single day without ‘offending’ a member of one group or another. It has permeated the workplace, our educational institutions, and the entertainment industry, and Americans are bombarded with political correctness on a daily basis.


And in addition to Americans rejecting the scourge of ‘PC’, in nearly all of his public comments and speeches Barack Obama has managed to be critical of the United States. Insulting the very fabric of what has made us a great nation, exceptional in so many ways, except that is to Barack Obama.

Americans were tired of hearing how bad we supposedly are, when the reality is that Americans are among the most caring and generous people on the planet, and have done more than any other nation to provide help during natural disasters and to spread freedom around the world.

The racial divide in the United States has also narrowed significantly with few Americans holding onto racial prejudices anymore, or exhibiting overt or even subtle racism. At least that is until Barack Obama moved into the White House, and his Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch took office.

Barack Obama never passed up an opportunity to criticize America’s racial past, and continued that narrative as his primary focus throughout his administration. The facts and reality differ significantly from his skewed view of what America was, and is. Obama lives in America’s long ago past, not in the modern day, inclusive, and tolerant nation that we have become.

The Clinton camp with some help from the White House, the Democrats in Congress, and even some liberal members from the entertainment industry are now championing the claim that Hillary’s loss in November is the direct result of Russian tampering with the election. Even claiming that Russian President Vladimir Putin was personally involved. The Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are in disagreement over the evidence of any Russian tinkering, but that doesn’t matter to Hillary’s supporters.


I find it rather amusing to watch liberals like the ladies of ‘The View’ who’ve never had any use for the CIA in the past suddenly jump on the CIA bandwagon. Describing the Agency in glowing terms, when during the Bush presidency the CIA was an “out of control rogue agency guilty of torture and all manner of human rights violations”. Most of ‘The View’ gals probably can’t even spell C I A, much less have any kind of an understanding of what goes into putting together an intelligence product for the senior leadership of the United States.

Sadly the credibility of America’s intelligence community under this administration is up for debate. Damaged during testimony about the Benghazi attacks of September 11, 2012, and now this current non-scandal over the Russians interfering in our elections. As well as the much-reported politicization of intelligence analysis regarding the war with ISIS.

No, it seems to me that Hillary Clinton, the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the Office of President of the United States, is as my father used to say about someone trying to pull the wool over our eyes, “full of baloney”.

And her claims about the “Russians” and “fake news” causing her defeat at the polls back in November is simply nothing more than political ‘phony baloney’.


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