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Flawed Candidates?

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Amidst this highly charged and contentious political climate in America, where the nation is polarized and seemingly incapable of agreeing on anything, there’s one thing I think that everyone will agree on: We are witnessing a presidential political campaign unlike anything in our nation’s 200-plus years of history.


The recent debate at Washington University in St. Louis put on full display the stark differences between the candidates for the two major political parties.  The Democrat and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and the Republican nominee businessman Donald J. Trump.

While denigrating Donald Trump’s qualifications for the office, Hillary Clinton tries to portray herself as “experienced” and well-versed on intricate policy matters.  Donald Trump on the other hand presents himself as the highly successful outsider who is the only real alternative to the “Washington Cartel,” to quote Trump’s primary opponent Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

In the hands of a very few, the political elite in this country have held sway over the average American’s lives for far too many decades now.  Controlling a political process put in place by both parties and intended solely to maintain the status quo, with them in charge of all aspects of American life.

And the losers have been the citizens of the United States.  While the elites and the career politicians have lined their pockets and accomplished very little for the American people, we have been forced to stand in line for the few crumbs they toss our way.


For all of his at times bombastic comments, including some which have been off-color and even vulgar, Donald Trump has struck a nerve for a very large number of Americans who feel betrayed by the politicians all around the country, not just in Washington, D.C.  And all of them have been put on notice that Americans are fed up and ready for change.

A tidal wave of support is growing, and barring any completely outrageous comments, ‘tweets,’ or other revelations in the comings weeks, Donald Trump may indeed overtake Hillary’s ‘supposed’ lead in the polls and still win this election.

Americans simply don’t like or trust Hillary Clinton – certainly understandable considering her record – and are yearning for an alternative.  Donald Trump will not appeal to some voters ever, but more and more are looking at him as an answer to the disgust and dislike that they have for the career politicians who have made a mess of things.

For Hillary’s part, her flaws and unsuitability for the office were placed on full display for all Americans to see during the debate.  The Republican base, as well as many, many other Americans not affiliated with any party were quietly, many loudly and openly cheering to finally hear a Republican show a little intestinal fortitude, and tell it like it is.


For the last nearly eight years Republicans have been cowards, afraid to confront Barack Obama out of fear that he will play the “race card,” and Republicans will then pay a political price for fighting this president’s lawless behavior.

They need to stop fearing that it’ll be played, that has already been a reality!  Race has been brought up over and over by this president for nearly eight years! And for two decades now they have been reluctant to confront both Bill and Hillary Clinton for their many misdeeds and criminal conduct.

Some Republicans have even been complimentary towards Hillary, as though showing up for work during her time in the Senate was some great legislative accomplishment, just like traveling as secretary of state hundreds of thousands of miles was in and of itself some sort of major diplomatic achievement.

Just another example of the Washington Cartel protecting their own, even though they know full well that she is the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history to ever run for the office of the presidency.

And for far too long Hillary Clinton has been given a pass by the so-called Fourth Estate, the American news media.  While some responsible journalists still exist, the days of Walter Cronkite and other respected news personalities who reported fairly and accurately the day’s events are long gone, replaced by liberal political hacks with their own political agenda.  The media has a stake in maintaining the status quo and is working overtime trying to help Hillary Clinton in her obsessive quest for the White House.


Yes the Republican nominee Donald Trump has some flaws.  But Hillary Clinton’s lies and corruption are flagrant, and have been clearly visible for all to see who are honest, and who aren’t blinded by their own political ideology.  And she is wholly unqualified in temperament and competence to serve as a municipal dog catcher, much less the highest office in the land.      

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