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One wonders how history might have been changed had we listened to former Obama Administration senior official Leon Paneta, who recently said with regards to the Hillary Clinton scandals that “it was time to move on.”


Aside from the fact that it appears that there are two standards of justice in America, one for Hillary and Bill Clinton, and another for the ‘great unwashed’ American people, can anyone imagine the same suggestion being made by Paneta were Hillary Clinton a Republican ?  Not hardly.  It’s a pretty good bet that Paneta’s acceptance of corruption and dishonesty is determined by whether a name has an ‘R’ or a ‘D’ next to it.  

For some historical perspective consider this, what if the Watergate Committee had looked into the break-in at Democrat Party Headquarters in the Watergate Complex in Washington, D.C. back during the Nixon Administration and said, “It’s just a third rate burglary, nothing to see here.  Time to move on” ?  Had we done so the impact on presidential elections and indeed world events from that point on is incalculable.

President Richard Nixon would have remained in office and completed the rest of his term, and very possibly there never would have been a President Gerald Ford.  Ford would not have had the incumbent advantage of being a sitting president when he ran against former California Governor Ronald Reagan for the Republican nomination.  Considering the contentiousness of the 1976 Republican convention there’s no guarantee that Ford would have ultimately prevailed, winning his party’s nomination.  It’s very possible that we may have benefitted from the greatness of Ronald Reagan four years sooner. 


But partly as a result of distaste and anger over the Watergate scandal, in the 1976 election voters chose a Washington outsider, an unknown southern governor and peanut farmer named Jimmy Carter as president.  The incompetence and weakness he displayed during his presidency gave us the Iranian hostage crisis, which greatly contributed to helping to create and embolden the spread of fundamentalist Islamic extremism around the world.  A problem which has plagued America and the West ever since.

The fundamentalist regime in Iran has been in a state of war with the United States since 1979, and has meddled in all four corners of the world, including even in our own Western Hemisphere.  Along with their quest for nuclear weapons which remains unabated.

And the Islamic Republic of Iran continues to this day to be a thorn in the side of the United States.  Regardless of any agreement reached between Iran and the Obama Administration, Iran has no intention of giving up their goal of obtaining nuclear weapons.  Clearly intending to eventually see them used against the “Little Satan” Israel, and even the “Great Satan”, the United States of America.

Iran’s support of radical Islamic terrorism remains intact, and even enhanced now with a large infusion of cash as a result of the ransom paid by the Obama Administration for Americans illegally being held hostage by Iran.

Had we all just “moved on” would the United States have been forced into a more than decade long - so far - War on Terror if Richard Nixon completed his second term ?  It’s very likely that Richard Nixon would have been followed by someone other than Jimmy Carter.  So perhaps the Shah of Iran would have retained power in Iran, and the United States would have maintained an important ally in that volatile part of the world.  And radical Islam would not have had the chance to metastasize as it did under Carter.


And finally, we actually did “move on” once.  The Sixty Minutes interview of Bill and Hillary Clinton back in 1992 should have served as a warning to Americans that we should look more closely at these two people who hoped to occupy the White House.  But we paid no attention to all the ‘red flags’ that were popping up all over about the Clintons and just “moved on.”

Had we paid attention and not "moved on” before he was elected we’d have discovered that both Bill and Hillary Clinton were already covered with the filth of personal and political corruption long before they moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  The same Character defects that they have exhibited throughout their public lives.

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