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The balloons have all fallen and all the speeches are only echoes filling an empty meeting hall, but three things remain constant after all the hoopla of last week. Hillary Clinton, the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United State of America is still the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history.


Hillary Clinton has proven time and again that not only is she a master at telling bald-faced, flagrant lies, but she’s also a master at telling the subtle lie in order to confuse or misdirect over an issue. And reporters have allowed her to get away with this tactic for her entire career, but most especially during her years as secretary of state and her campaign for the highest office in the land.

Take for example Hillary’s recent interview with Fox News reporter Mike Wallace. During that interview Hillary was questioned about her truthfulness over the scandal that resulted in an FBI investigation of her e-mail practices while serving at the State Department.

As was noted during her responses to Mike Wallace, Hillary continues to use the term “private e-mail address” when talking about the e-mail scandal that was being investigated by the FBI and her own State Department. This is and continues to be used by her as a subtle attempt to confuse the issue for the American people.

Hillary continues to claim, and rightly so, that she was allowed by the State Department to have a private e-mail “address”. She adds that some of her predecessors as Secretary of State also had used a private e-mail “address”. Both are completely truthful statements—one of the few to ever come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth.


By now in this the 21st century, most Americans have a private e-mail address they might use to discuss a daughter’s wedding arrangements or yoga routines. And many also have a separate work e-mail address at the office which they use to correspond with colleagues over work-related matters.

It’s obvious that Hillary has been well-coached in this subtle attempt to confuse American voters as to what actually occurred on her watch at the State Department regarding her use of e-mail. Since most Americans at one time or another have probably gotten confused, or out of convenience have communicated work-related information over their “private e-mail address”, so what’s the big deal?

At least that’s what Hillary Clinton is hoping Americans are thinking. Which is why she continues to use the term, “e-mail address”. It’s nothing more than a subtle attempt on her part to muddy the waters so people aren’t really clear about what was going on with her e-mail scandal.

Hillary is trying to confuse the issue over her use of a “private e-mail server”, which isn’t now, wasn’t back during her tenure at the State Department, and likely never will be allowed for anyone in government service to use to correspond electronically. Since it would be an unencrypted and unsecure method of communicating, and subject to hacking and intercept by hostile intelligence services of foreign countries. Specifically countries like Russia and China that have robust cyber-intelligence capabilities.


A “server” is an actual, physical piece of equipment and system installed which transmits and receives information. It has absolutely nothing to do with an e-mail “address”, other than it processes billions of bits of computer data and information which includes e-mail correspondence.

It’s disconcerting to say the least that news reporters, particularly someone of the caliber of a Chris Wallace have continued to allow Hillary Clinton to use this subtle method to try to confuse America’s voters. But in all the interviews I have seen with Hillary Clinton, I have never seen a reporter call her out when she tries to confuse the issue over e-mail “addresses” and “servers”. Why not?

Hillary Clinton needs to be confronted over this issue. Perhaps she’ll answer that she’s ‘technologically challenged’, or as FBI Director Comey said, “not sophisticated enough” to understand what the difference between a “server” and an “address” is, which begs the question if she’s not sophisticated enough or so technologically challenged, then is she really capable of handling all the issues she might face as president of the United States? Hardly.

Hillary Clinton is the first candidate for president in American history that has had to shake off criminal charges just to be able to make it to her party’s convention. There is still an ongoing FBI investigation into her foundation’s activities, with questions of money laundering and influence peddling during her time as secretary of state.


If it wasn’t so important for the future of the United States of America, it would almost be laughable how Hillary continues to lie to the American people by manipulating the truth. Truly she is the most dishonest, corrupt, and despicable politician in American history.

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