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Torches and Pitchforks

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Everyone remembers the scene from the classic Hollywood horror film Frankenstein, when the villagers rise up and with torches and pitchforks they march towards the castle to confront the monster.  The villagers had finally had enough of the horrors and depredations committed against their community and decided to fight back.  No more to suffer at the hands of the evil amongst them.


After what happened this past week in Phoenix it would appear that it is now nearing time for that to happen here in America - torches and pitchforks that is.

Should Democratic Party front-runner Hillary Clinton escape indictment in the coming days for any number of violations of federal law, crimes that anyone else would have already been convicted of and currently serving a long sentence in a federal prison, there will be only one explanation.  

And that would be that Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton’s supposed impromptu and unscheduled visit with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on an isolated part of the tarmac at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix has achieved its goal - and that is to keep Hillary out of jail and forging ahead in her obsessive quest for the White House.

Knowing Bill Clinton’s character, or lack thereof, who knows to what level he would stoop, including even offering a bribe in the way of the promise of a Supreme Court nomination once Hillary’s elected.

Certainly anything is possible when Bill and Hillary Clinton are involved, considering both the Clinton’s record over their years in public life.  Most recently with the Clinton Foundation and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton selling influence to any foreign government with a sack full of money.

The other thing that we learned from Bill’s “surprise visit” in Phoenix is that there indeed appears to be two separate systems of justice here in America.  One for the common villagers, and one for the American version of ‘Dr. Frankenstein and his monster.’


After all, Hillary was created by Bill Clinton, she never would have achieved her current status on her own - she simply doesn’t possess the talent.  And if she walks away from her current troubles with no criminal repercussions, then there truly is a double standard.  One set of laws for the powerful and wealthy, and one for the common villagers.

Were it not for her husband being elected president, twice with only a plurality of the vote, Hillary Clinton would be nothing more than a minor footnote in the history books of the state of Arkansas.  As secretary of state her only real achievement is that she allowed a U.S. ambassador to be killed on her watch through her incompetence and poor judgment.

Followed by her blatant lies to the American people, while boldly standing before the flag-draped caskets of that same ambassador and the three other Americans who died as a result of her and the Obama Administration’s failed policies in Libya.  Certainly not something laudable.

Hillary Clinton also set the standard for irresponsibility in the handling of highly classified materials and information on the part of a government official, through her use of a private email server to handle her communications between her and others.  Apparently up to and including the president of the United States.

Let’s be clear about this point, Hillary Clinton’s continuing claims that her predecessors in the State Department also used a “private e-mail” is nothing more than “Clinton-Speak.”  Just another attempt to muddy the waters and justify her own bad behavior by pointing out other bad behavior.  A common tactic of Democrats in general, but particularly the Clintons.


Indeed some previous secretaries of state did use a personal e-mail ‘address’, as all Americans are allowed to do, including other employees of the State Department.  However, none of her predecessors set up a private, unsecure e-mail “server” to handle all of their official department communications, including highly classified information.  For Hillary to try to claim that what she did is the same as others is a blatant lie to the American people.

Hillary also claims that no information that was “marked classified” was sent or received by her.  This differs from her original firm assurances that “no classified information was sent or received by her” at all.  And again this is a lie being told to the American people.  

Recovered among the emails so far received from the State Department are those that indicate Hillary Clinton on at least one occasion instructed an aide to remove classification markings from information, and for them to then send it to her over her private, unsecure e-mail server system.  A clear violation of federal law on both parts - Secretary Clinton’s for giving those instructions, and the aide’s for complying.

Hillary also claims that information was classified after the fact, but anyone who has worked with classified information is able to recognize what is or isn’t, or perhaps might be classified.  And they handle it appropriately, always erring on the side of caution.


If Hillary wasn’t smart enough to recognize what might indeed be sensitive information and thereby needed to be handled securely, then she was probably not smart enough to be the secretary of state.  And definitely far too incompetent to be president of the United States.

But with her continuing to lead in most election polls, perhaps the only thing left for the villagers to do is to again take up ‘torches and pitchforks’ by way of our vote.  And to soundly defeat and rid our community, the United States of America once and for all of the Clintons.

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