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Josef Goebbels Would Be Proud

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In the mid to late 1930s and throughout the World War II years, the Nazi Minister of Propaganda Josef Goebbels helped the German National Socialist Party spread their message to the German people. Goebbels was a master of propaganda, helping create the environment in Germany that eventually led to the later crimes against humanity committed by the Nazi leadership.


The German people were fed a steady stream of whatever message the Nazi Party wanted them to receive. During the war most Germans knew that the Jews and other “undesirables” were being abused, but the true horror of the death camps was for the most part kept from them. Aside from the rumors many Germans heard, the fact is that only those who lived near or worked at one of the concentration camps themselves had any idea of the true nature of the atrocities being committed within those barbed-wired enclosures.

What happened in Germany during and after World War II was partly the result of an unwillingness to know or admit the truth, and something akin to a form of ‘national amnesia’. Created and exemplified by Josef Goebbels and the Nazi Propaganda Ministry’s efforts to justify the horrific crimes that were being done all in the name of German national security.

The current ‘Ministry of Propaganda’ under the Obama administration has taken the art of propaganda to a point that would make Josef Goebbels very proud. While every administration makes an effort to try to project the message they want to get out, that is certainly nothing new, but the Obama administration has followed the practice of lying and cover up to new levels of deceit and dishonesty.


By deleting certain phrases or terms from government usage, such as “radical Islam” and “Jihad” among many others, the Obama administration has spent over seven years following the example established by Josef Goebbels and his Nazi cohorts.

For years the Obama administration refused to even call terrorism by name, instead referring to terrorist attacks as “man-caused disasters”. “Global warming” became “climate change” when the scientific evidence showed that in fact the earth was cooling. Whenever something didn’t fit the narrative of the administration’s agenda they simply changed the narrative.

A perfect example is that while our consulate in Benghazi still burned the administration quickly created the “YouTube video lie,” which was capped off by the image of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton standing solemnly in front of flag-draped coffins in an airplane hanger at Andrews Air Force Base. While standing there in front of those who had died during an obvious terrorist attack on the anniversary of September 11, 2001, the secretary lied right to the faces of the families of the fallen, telling them that she was going to bring the “video-maker” to justice—a video-maker who had absolutely nothing to do with the deaths of the brave Americans in Benghazi, Libya.


And then later on during her own campaign for president candidate Hillary Clinton accused those same families of lying about this exchange, which in addition to showing what a despicable person she truly is, also shows her ability to easily tell a lie under any circumstance regardless of the solemnity of the situation.

For Hillary Clinton telling lies is simply a matter of habit and policy. Why take the chance of telling the truth which might backfire when a lie will work. Qualities clearly in tune with some of Josef Goebbels’ best efforts during the rise of National Socialism in Germany.

The Obama administration’s ongoing efforts to disarm the law-abiding American people by using the gun control lie is another example of propaganda at its best. If one tells a lie about gun control being the solution to gun violence enough times eventually people will begin to believe it is the truth.

The reality, however, is that the moral and ethical deterioration of American society is the true villain, not guns in the hands of law-abiding American citizens. This is similar to the lies told by Josef Goebbels to disarm the German people so they could not resist and fight back against the Nazi regime.

Following the Orlando terrorist attack the Obama administration’s Ministry of Propaganda decided that editing the transcripts of the telephone calls between the terrorist and the 911 operator, and removing any references that clearly identified the attacker as a radical Islamic terrorist was in the administration’s best interest. In other words, if the truth is inconvenient or doesn’t fit within the message the administration wants to convey, then simply create an illusion and tell a lie.


It’s quite obvious that the Ministry of Propaganda is alive and well in the Obama administration and candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president of the United States. The only thing missing is the snappy brown uniforms.

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