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Blaming His Failures on the VFW

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During a recent appearance in Indiana, Barack Obama made some remarks complaining about the ‘right wing propaganda’ that’s dogged him during his presidency, believing that it’s not painting an accurate picture of the accomplishments of his administration.

He singled out the usual suspects he always lays blame on for being unfair to him; Fox News, talk radio and the Republicans. But curiously he also mentioned “VFW halls” as one of the places in America where this right wing propaganda supposedly occurs.

Throughout his presidency Obama has had difficulty connecting with the military, and his comments describing VFW halls across America as apparent dens of right wing extremism is an indication of just how little he really knows about our nation’s veterans.

To compare the meeting places where members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, the very men and women who have fought for this country and who gather together for comradeship, with places of right wing extremism, shows just how out of touch he is with the warrior class in America. Those same veterans who have served this country in battle since World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and right up to the present day’s Iraq, Afghanistan, and the ongoing War on Terror.

Obama, and I dare say most of the leadership of the Democratic Party, haven’t a clue what it means to be part of a “band of brothers.” They don’t understand nor really seem to care much about the brotherhood that was forged in battle and is shared by many in America’s Armed Forces, other than as a playground for their social experimentation.

How many times has Obama attended the annual conventions of the American Legion, the Veterans of Foreign Wars, or any of the other veterans’ organizations and given a speech before these groups? And how warm was the welcome he received from them when he actually did make an appearance? The reception has been tepid at best. And that alone speaks volumes about how this president is viewed by much of the membership.

The president certainly has made the time in his busy schedule to invite Black Lives Matter activists to the Oval Office for a meeting to discuss the racial and social issues that are near and dear to his heart. But just when was the last time we’ve heard about him inviting members of any veteran’s organization to sit down with him in the White House and talk at length about issues of importance to America’s military veterans?

When has he taken the time to personally discuss the concerns of Americans who have truly earned through their blood, sweat, and tears the right to have a substantive conversation with the Commander in Chief?

It seems the only time the military or veterans groups are of any use for this administration is when those groups can offer some positive PR results for the president, to help him seem more ‘presidential.’

I have to admit that it does bother me somewhat when I’ve watched the White House ceremonies where the president has draped the Medal of Honor around the neck of an American service member whose act of heroism “above and beyond the call of duty” merits such recognition.

While I’m truly in awe over the acts of valor by those being honored and by the humility they always seem to display, considering this administration’s record I can’t help but at times feel that the entire White House award ceremony is being used as a political prop for Obama. I truly hope that I’m wrong about that.

The president’s recent remarks at the event in Indiana reminds me of something he said back during the 2008 campaign when he was first running for president. During a campaign speech before a group of Democrat voters he ridiculed Americans for “clinging to their guns and religion.” Back then as now, with his ridicule of those who earned the right to be members of the VFW, Obama has revealed just how little he understands Americans, and in particular those who have served this nation on battlefields around the world.

Instead of ridiculing them, the president would do a lot better by paying a visit to a VFW hall to sit down and have a cold beer with some of the members. He’d understand a lot better just what they really talk about. And I can guarantee you that very little breath is wasted on talking about Obama.

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