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Back in 1996, then first lady Hillary Clinton, accompanied by her daughter Chelsea, paid a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on behalf of her husband President Bill Clinton and the American people. Bosnia and Serbia were embroiled in a brutal civil war at the time, with atrocities being regularly committed by both sides. Apparently her visit was intended as a good will gesture and to show America’s commitment to ending the fighting in that part of the world.


Certainly any time a member of the first family travels it requires special security arrangements be made by the U.S. Secret Service, including using any host nation and U.S. military assets as necessary. Flying into an active war zone indeed would have been one of those occasions when the Secret Service relied heavily on the military for support.

And clearly the Secret Service would object to such a trip if they felt the risk to the protectee was too great. The fact that Hillary Clinton was able to proceed with her visit to Bosnia is an indication that the risks at the time must have been considered minimal. Contrary to her portrayal of that visit in a number of speeches when she claimed that “if it was too dangerous for the president to go to, then they would send the first lady.”

In fact, as news video footage of the arrival of Mrs. Clinton in Bosnia shows, there indeed was a welcoming ceremony on the airport tarmac for her, contrary to her claims that the only welcome waiting for her was sniper fire. Along with meeting military and civilian dignitaries and receiving a bouquet of flowers from a young Bosnian girl, the news videos showed a very calm and casual scene. Nowhere in the video footage can Mrs. Clinton be seen “running towards vehicles with her head down dodging sniper fire.”


What was described by Hillary Clinton was nothing more than a made up event intended to try to show her ‘toughness’ and ‘courage under fire.’ Lies created and told by Hillary Clinton apparently because she thought they’d help to make her look ‘presidential’. Kind of like that campaign advertisement back in 2008. You know which one I’m talking about, the “three in the morning phone call from Benghazi”. Oh, wait, that one never got answered.

But why does anyone really care about what happened, or what didn’t happen on an airport tarmac in Bosnia way back in 1996? Is it important that Hillary Clinton didn’t really dodge sniper fire, as she claimed to have done? One might excuse her supposed memory lapse, or “sleep deprivation” as she later claimed when the video footage revealed the truth, were it not for Hillary’s entire history.

Dishonesty and deceit, along with an obsessive ambition has been part of the fabric of Hillary Clinton’s personality since at least her days in college, where she gobbled up the teachings of Saul Alinsky and became a true believer in his radical leftist teachings.

Curiously though, Hillary is a true oxymoron – a committed leftist who bought into Alinsky’s teachings lock, stock and barrel, while at the same time coveting wealth and riches. Of course with wealth and riches comes power, but only for the elites, which is what Hillary aspired to.


It also helps to put on display not only her character flaws which make her unqualified to serve in any position of trust, but also helps to explain the sheer greed she has exhibited once she’s been placed in a position where her influence could be sold.

All the way back to her days as the first lady of Arkansas, throughout her husband’s presidency when the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House was being peddled like a cheap Motel 6, and right up to the millions being laundered through the Clinton Foundation.

There’s an old adage, “where there’s smoke there’s fire,” and this has never been more true in history than with the Clintons. And while Hillary may defend herself by claiming to be the victim of some “vast right wing conspiracy,” the reason the Clintons are mistrusted by so many people is in fact because there’s been so much ‘smoke’ AND fire around them their entire public lives.

“Slippery” is another word used to accurately describe the Clintons. Other than the time Bill got caught with his pants down, the Clintons have been very adept at skirting the edges of illegality and walking away free as a bird. And they’ve been able to get away with it all as long as they pander to the right groups and say the right things. People have been willing to overlook the true nature of their character, or lack thereof simply because the Clintons parroted the correct political slogans and support for social issues.


So while embellishing a story about snipers and running across tarmacs might seem inconsequential to many people, it goes to the heart of what the Clintons, and especially Hillary Clinton, are all about.

Her unbridled ambition and willingness to lie, cheat, and steal her way to the presidency should speak volumes to voters about who the real Hillary Clinton is. She is someone who dodges not snipers but the truth constantly, and who is wholly unfit to serve as commander in chief of the military, and as president of the United States.

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