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Diversion and Misdirection

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Military units from countries all around the world throughout history have often times created a ‘diversion’ on the battlefield to help conceal what their plan of attack really was. Catching the enemy off guard is a time-honored military strategy that if done effectively can bring success in war. It’s a military tactic still used to this day.

The United States military is no different. Throughout the years the armed forces of the United States have won battles and wars by sometimes using diversion as a tactic. During World War II diversionary tactics were used most notably to protect the integrity of ‘Operation Overlord,’ the Allied invasion of Europe to defeat Nazi Germany.

A great deal of effort was expended creating the illusion that the Allied attacks would come at the Pas de Calais, the narrowest point between Continental Europe and Great Britain, instead of the Normandy coastline where the invasion actually took place. Misdirection at its best.

During ‘Operation Mincemeat’ the British even used a dead body carrying false battle plans that was dropped into the sea. The intent was for the body to eventually wash up on the coast of Spain and ultimately fall into German hands to try to convince the Nazi’s that the Allies planned to invade Sardinia and Greece instead of their eventual target of Sicily and Italy. In fact a movie was even made based on this, “The Man Who Never Was,” which provided a pretty accurate depiction of what took place.

As the nation today gets its proverbial knickers in a twist over the transgender bathroom issue, the real issue that people should be taking note of is the Obama administration using diversion and misdirection as a political tactic. “Looky here at this bright shiny object” has worked very well for this administration. They’ve mastered it and have used it repeatedly over the past seven-plus years.

With all of the media reporting being expended on the supposed transgender controversy, very little has been reported on the current condition of our armed forces under the Obama administration. The same armed forces we depend upon to defend us against our enemies who intend us harm. Enemies that have been emboldened by the weakness that has been on display now for seven plus years.

The current United States Air Force has had to resort to cannibalizing aircraft to try to get enough airborne to conduct training missions for its pilots and air crews. The workhorse B-52 Bomber introduced into the Air Force’s aircraft arsenal in 1955 is still flying combat missions, when it should have been retired decades ago.

The main battle tank of the U.S. Army, the M1 Abrams has been in service since 1980. And while still an effective weapon, funding for research into a newer more updated replacement for the M1 Abrams platform was cut, as have a number of other weapons systems intended to better protect our men and women on the battlefield, and to give them the firepower needed to win a ground war wherever one might break out and threaten America’s national interests.

The United States Army is currently projected to reach 450,000, its lowest level of troops since World War II. But many defense experts predict that budget cuts will force the Army to accept even further cuts in manpower which will bring the Army’s strength closer to 420,000.

The U.S. Navy’s mandate is to “be where it matters, when it matters.” Yet we have the smallest Navy since before World War II. And many of those ships are unable to be put to sea because they can’t get much-needed repairs done. So they sit in dry dock or berthed in U.S. bases instead of patrolling the seas and displaying the Stars and Stripes and American military might for our friends and in particular for our enemies around the world to see.

The few, the proud, the United States Marines have been cut to the bone, with even more cuts threatened. A premiere fighting force that has defended America with courage and honor from the days of Tun Tavern in 1775. While their spirit and courage under fire is never in question and never will be, their ability to complete their mission in the future may be in doubt.

And the Coast Guard continues to protect America’s shores every day with less and less. Considering the current threat from ISIS and other terrorist organizations, as well as human traffickers and drug smugglers, one might think protecting our very shores might be a priority. Especially if some of those humans smuggled into the United States are terrorists.

But apparently it’s not a priority for the Obama administration. They have very effectively used diversion and misdirection as a political tactic to lull Americans to sleep on our national security, while they shake around the shiny object of transgender bathrooms to distract us all.

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