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Unlike the fictional gentleman in the beer commercials who has people hanging on his every word and reveling in his exploits, with Hillary Clinton, the Democrat front runner for the party’s nomination for president in 2016, Americans are simply just bored to death.  Worn out by the drama and the scandals that have followed her throughout her entire private and public life.

As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke there’s always fire”, and in the case of Hillary Clinton it is more true now than it ever has been, seemingly with new revelations about her e-mails and corruption in the Clinton Foundation coming out almost every day.

But also like the Everyready Bunny that just keeps “going and going”, Hillary Clinton is determined to continue her life-long quest for the White House amidst what seems to be more and more scandal.  And while any ‘normal’ person might devote their efforts towards clearing their name and restoring their reputation, apparently there’s no shame in Hillary.  Just the ultra-ambition of winning the White House at all costs.

It’s a personal obsession that she just can’t control.  Like telling lies, which has always been an obsession she couldn’t control.  Piling one on top of another throughout her entire career, trying to cover up the corruption that has been part and parcel of the Clinton’s world. 

Americans are also tired of the same old Democrat Party non-solutions to America’s problems, currently and predictably being offered up by the former Secretary of State - more taxes, bigger government, and more regulation.  The Democrats way of trying to solve problems are as old and stale as the ‘entitlement bread crumbs’ they toss out on the campaign trail to get the party’s lemmings to follow then off the cliff.

But if this political year is any indication, it seems Americans might also be yearning for some other ‘interesting man’ to try to get the United States back onto the right path, and off of the path that Barack Obama has put our once great nation onto.  A path of socialism, weakness, international ridicule, and failure.

Whether or not businessman Donald Trump can succeed in “making America great again” remains to be seen, but one has to admit it’s likely going to be much more entertaining and interesting than listening to Hillary Clinton for the next four to eight years drone on in her ‘fingernails scraping the blackboard’ voice.

The New York businessman has struck a chord in many Americans who are fed up with the corrupt political system and the career politicians who have built it.  Whether there will be a general house cleaning of Congress and the Senate that takes place in November is unknown, but one thing Republican voters need to keep in mind is that their standard-bearer is going to need a House and Senate under Republican control to help him achieve his agenda.

Perhaps a more ‘selective’ house cleaning is in order, making sure that any Republicans tossed out on their ears are replaced with another Republican.  Though obviously a better one.  We simply cannot allow the Democrats to regain control of either chamber of the legislature.  Democrats cannot be trusted to act in the best interests of the United States if they are placed in control of anything.

The last time Democrats were in control of either the House or the Senate we had ObamaCare given to us by then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.  A piece of legislation that has turned into a disaster for America.  And if the Democrats are able to once again control the Senate we will never be able to repeal and replace ObamaCare, since any effort will be stopped by those same Democrats.

Even though ObamaCare is probably the worst piece of legislation every concocted by any legislature in American history, the Democrats will never admit to that or work with Republicans to replace it.  To do so would be to admit that they were a bunch of idiots to vote for it in the first place.  They would rather see Americans continue to suffer under the ObamaCare abomination than to do what’s right for the country.  And certainly if Hillary Clinton is able to avoid prosecution and succeed in November in her quest for the White House, she will do whatever she can to try to ‘enhance’ ObamaCare, furthering America’s pain for the foreseeable future.  After all, universal health care was the pet project of First Lady Hillary Clinton during her husband’s administration, and then as now it was a complete failure.

So yes, it’ll certainly be interesting to see what happens in the coming months as the campaign progresses for both parties.  Though if recent history is any indication, Donald Trump’s campaign is going to be much more interesting than Hillary Clinton’s tired old campaign of pandering and promises.

The most unimaginative and uninteresting woman in the world.   

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