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With the current unrest taking place at the University of Missouri and threatening to spread nationwide, one has to wonder if this situation, just as all the earlier unrest in Ferguson, is simply another national crisis being choreographed and coordinated right out of the White House.


More specifically perhaps right out of the White House office of the Assistant to the President for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs. An interesting title for Barack Obama’s most trusted and closest adviser and ‘Social Justice Czar’, Valerie Jarrett.

With Jarrett’s family history of committed Marxists and her long close relationship with Barack and Michelle Obama, she would be the natural choice to furtively manage the Obama administration’s continuing effort of using civil unrest to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

But unfortunately for Ms. Jarrett and her boss the world has a tendency to keep intruding on their ‘social justice’ agenda, as was sadly shown this past weekend in Paris, France. The real world, with its tragedies and challenges that can affect the national security of the United States sometimes gets in the way of Obama’s efforts to “fundamentally transform” this country into something completely unrecognizable as America.

And while all of France and the world mourned, the protesting students at Mizzou quickly began to whine and complain about being removed from the front pages of the news due to the real terrorism that occurred in Paris. In doing so they quickly lost any of the ‘credibility’ they might have had. Credibility that was already in question anyway, since the supposed instances of ‘racism’ that ‘reportedly’ occurred at the Midwest school look more and more as though they were fabricated from the start.


Concerned more about the pitiful little group hissy fit they’re throwing on the Quad at Mizzou not receiving the attention only they think they deserve, than they are about the deaths of dozens of innocent people gunned down on the streets of Paris speaks volumes about the character of these Mizzou protesters, or lack thereof.

Yes, as Barack Obama and his people have discovered repeatedly over the past seven years the world does indeed intrude when you choose to lead from behind. Or as in the case of Barack Obama exhibit no leadership at all. Responding with political platitudes certainly isn’t leading a nation in very trying times.

From Fort Hood, to the Boston Marathon, to Charlie Hebdo and now this most recent terrorist atrocity in Paris, Barack Obama’s response has been pitiful at best. He has shown no real grasp of how serious this ISIS threat is, instead focusing his energies on the false science of man-caused climate change. Just as the Mizzou protesters continue to promote a false narrative of institutional racism and white privilege.

Our adversaries are somewhat confused about what Barack Obama’s true agenda is. Is he simply a fool and a buffoon, or is he really determined to fundamentally transform the United States from within?

The verdict is still out on whether or not Barack Obama is actually committed to protecting and defending the United States. As he often states, the president says that his primary job is to protect the citizens of the United States, yet he takes steps repeatedly that undermine America’s national security.


Before the memorial services for those in Paris have even begun, over the weekend Barack Obama ordered the release of five more detainees from the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. And for purely political purposes, a follow-through for some long-forgotten campaign promise. Regardless that Guantanamo Bay is exactly where these killers need to remain in order to keep the United States just a little bit safer.

Watching the president’s recent news conference while attending the G20 meetings in Turkey the president answered four or five questions, over a period of 30 minutes. You do the math, but that’s how long it took him to answer four or five questions! If you can accept the commentary he provided as actual answers.

It’s become pretty obvious to everyone that Obama is out of his element on this world stage dealing with extremely difficult and challenging issues, and more at home in the store front of some small Chicago strip mall organizing protests, or maybe the University of Missouri demanding justice against some other false narrative.

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