The False Narrative of White Privilege

Posted: Nov 12, 2015 12:01 AM
The False Narrative of White Privilege

Out of the fires of Ferguson and Baltimore this past summer has sprung a new false narrative being parroted around the country in communities, on college campuses, and very fervently among liberal Democrats. A false story of rampant American institutional racism, with the new buzz words being the so-called “White Privilege” narrative.

College administrators at the University of Missouri recently discovered that due process is certainly not a white privilege conferred upon them. While some administrators there may or may not have responded appropriately to a very few isolated instances of what’s been described as overt racism occurring at or near the campus, the perpetrators of which may or may not have even been students of the university, the school’s administrators have come to learn that they most certainly did not have the “white privilege” of due process.

A list of the “demands” released by the aggrieved students at the Missouri school is available by now on the Internet for anyone to look up and read if they’re so inclined. But let’s cut to the chase, reading the list makes one wonder why the drafters of this document are attending the University of Missouri instead of the Disney Academy, since they obviously reside in Fantasyland.

A relative of mine who attended the University of Missouri related to me their displeasure at the level of what they called “indoctrination” taking place at the school. A leftist liberal agenda was clearly part of the ‘unofficial’ curriculum being taught by many of the professors of that august institution. Along with a false narrative of white privilege apparently. Something that most certainly isn’t unique to Ole Mizzou.

Recently at Yale University Halloween costumes have come under added scrutiny since someone may have their feelings hurt by another student dressing up as a Cowboy. Clearly a white privilege costume ! Apparently politically correct and sensitive Halloween costumes have overtaken as a priority the concern about receiving a quality education at the Ivy League school.

The truth is that so-called ‘White Privilege’ is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to explain the failures of many in the black community on something other than themselves. After all, accepting responsibility for one’s own shortcomings is no longer fashionable in America under Barack Hussein Obama. There must always be someone else to blame. In the case of the Obamunists it’s the ‘Bogey-man’ of so-called white privilege.

As far as Barack Obama is concerned white privilege has held back generations of people of color, and continues to do so to this day. Though the fact that he was elected twice by a majority of Americans would seem to under-cut his argument that the presumed white privilege of John McCain and Mitt Romney was unfair to him in some way.

But people like Barack Obama will always blame others for their own failures and their failures to their community. George W. Bush is still being blamed by the Obama people for anything that comes up. It’s always easier to do that than to accept one’s own shortcomings, mistakes, or inability to effect positive change.

White privilege has passionately been adopted as the new catch phrase used by self-flagellating liberal white politicians still feeling guilty about slavery. And by many of the liberal black politicians who keep getting re-elected to predominantly black congressional districts, yet haven’t produced a single piece of legislation or done anything that truly benefits their own community.

In many cases they have served for decades in office yet achieved not one single accomplishment to write home to constituents about. Whose fault is that ? Privileged white people apparently. It’s easier to use that as an excuse to their long-suffering constituents.

A look at most major U.S. cities that are suffering high unemployment, rampant crime, and poor educational standards reveals that they have been governed by Democrats for decades. With billions and billions of taxpayer dollars invested in trying to raise living standards, one wonders how these cities can continue to provide only hopelessness for their black citizens. White privilege at fault ? Hardly.

The fact is that the failure of many blacks to rise out of poverty, crime ridden neighborhoods, and failure is much more about the stupidity of Democrats than any notion of so-called white privilege. Continuing to dance to the tune of the Democrat Party that hasn’t done a thing for your community for decades is due to a lack of common sense, not some abstract called white privilege.

Hillary Clinton offers the same old, tired promises to a black constituency that has followed the Democrat Party like lemmings to their demise for decades now, and one can expect no better results should she avoid prison and be elected to the White House.

After all, multi-millionaires Bill and Hillary Clinton certainly know all about ‘white privilege’, since they both have taken advantage of it for years now.