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The Obama administration and the Democratic Party’s ‘War on Police’ continues into its second year, following the recent anniversary of the justified shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.


Last year at this time, long before all the evidence had been collected and the investigation completed, the Obama administration and Democrats from around the country weighed in with all manner of accusations against police in America.

Using the death of Michael Brown as a Democratic Party recruiting tool, President Obama and his party allies were highly critical of the police in general, and specifically with how they responded to the ‘demonstrations’ occurring nightly on the streets of that North St. Louis County community.

More comparable to terrorist attacks committed by an insurgency, the streets of Ferguson burned brightly every evening after dark, but certainly not with the glow of city streetlights.

The streets were lit up by the buildings set afire by an insurgency built on a lie, and supported by Democrats and the Obama Administration’s efforts to cast Michael Brown as an innocent black youth minding his own business when he was gunned down. Murdered by a racist white cop, to quote Democrat heavy-weight Donna Brazile.

The “Hands up don’t shoot” narrative was clearly known to be a lie by investigators very early on, and one would presume the Obama Justice Department as well, since they were kept apprised of the progress of the investigation into the shooting.

The ‘prime witness’ was quickly and completely discredited by investigators, as were many of the other so-called witnesses who either conspired together or decided on their own to lie in order to try to railroad an innocent police officer.


With all the calls for justice for Michael Brown from the Democrats, spearheaded by the fraud Al Sharpton and aided and abetted by Barack Obama, neither of them were really interested in “justice,” they were just interested in revenge.

And also interested in gaining political advantage even at the cost of civil unrest and rioting. Should innocent people and businesses be harmed as a result, that’s just the cost of doing business in the political atmosphere created by Barack Obama and the Democratic Party.

In Baltimore we witnessed yet again attacks on not just the police, but more accurately attacks on American society in general. The police are the first line of defense between America and anarchy, yet they were ordered to “stand down” by the Democrat-controlled Baltimore city government, and anarchy did indeed reign on the city’s streets.

Not mentioned at all by critics was that the police actions in dealing with the rioting were in response to the violent attacks occurring against them. Police Officers were being assaulted, attacked with Molotov cocktails, and sniper gunfire coming in their direction every single night in Ferguson and in Baltimore. Two officers in New York were murdered, gunned down simply for being police officers. And following an insurgency march down the streets of New York chanting “what do we want? Dead cops!”

Just recently the Independent - Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders commented about the assassination of Texas Deputy Sheriff Darren Goforth, saying that “While it’s an outrage, it is still unacceptable in this country when unarmed black people get dragged out of a car and shot. That is happening too often.”


Continuing to fuel the fires of hatred against the police even at a time when a law enforcement officer is still being mourned by his family and colleagues, after being systematically and brutally assassinated for simply being a cop!

The hate group Black Lives Matter has taken to the streets and called for more murders of police officers and where is the condemnation of this group by Democrats? Nary a peep out of the Obama administration while police officers are being shot at or killed all across America at an unprecedented rate.

Clearly an insurgency has been created and encouraged by forces inside the Obama administration. Part of the “fundamental transformation” Barack Obama has been promising us all along, regardless of whether or not Americans are really interested in being transformed into what the president has in mind.

And I can guarantee you that most Americans don’t want it!

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