Hillary’s Top Ten Excuses To Avoid Jail

Posted: Aug 23, 2015 12:01 AM

10) “Classified? I never saw anything marked classified! Let me ask Vlad if he did”….

Considering the unencrypted and unsecure nature of Hillary Clinton’s private server it is highly likely that the Russians, Chinese, Iranians, in fact just about anyone who wanted to could have been reading Hillary’s e-mails about “yoga”, and “her daughter’s wedding”. As well as the over three hundred – so far – classified messages that were transmitted.

9) “It was simply a Top Secret YouTube video that spiraled out of control”….

Blaming the Benghazi tragedy on a YouTube video obviously didn’t work, and Hillary’s newest strategy of questioning whether the documents were really classified in the first place isn’t going to work either. Hillary and the State Department cannot unilaterally decide that something they received from the CIA or Defense Department “wasn’t really classified anyway”. The agency that determined something was sensitive and required official classification must be contacted and permission obtained before releasing. Something Hillary and her aides did not do.

8) “I did nothing that was illegal, in a general sense, with regards to the subject at hand, which includes what’s been talked about as a result of my time as secretary of state, including the handling of the types of information that generally didn’t have the appropriate markings, which would have precluded any of those from being disseminated across my bathroom server, and certainly I know about and understand the importance of protecting all types of information that might fall into unfriendly hands, and I have spent my career working for women and children”….

Well, this one pretty much speaks for itself. Hillary’s, and in fact the entire Obama Administration has the habit of answering a question in a way which never answers the question. Just spews out a bunch of gobbledy-gook.

7) “Bill, help me out here!”….

Curiously, Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton has been relatively quiet about this whole scandal.

6) “I don’t know how those e-mails ended up on the table in the White House residence”….

One might recall that during the White Water investigation Hillary’s billing records from the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas had been under subpoena for over a year and no one could find them. Suddenly, out of nowhere those missing billing records showed up on a small table in the White House residence. And no one seemed to know how they got there !

5) “That little twerp in the Oval Office must be behind this!”….

Also curiously the White House has been pretty quiet about all of this. Letting Hillary ‘dangle in the wind’. With few if any in the Obama Administration rushing to her defense it appears Hillary might not be able to count on that Presidential Pardon after all.

4) “What was that excuse Al used, “No controlling legal authority? If that whopper worked for him, maybe, just maybe”….

When Al Gore found himself in hot water over visiting the Buddhist monks and taking illegal campaign donations from them, his famous “no controlling legal authority” was a masterpiece of dodging responsibility for criminal behavior. It worked for Al, so Hillary’s version of claiming things really aren’t classified after all, seems to be the direction she’s heading.

3) “Hey look! At this shiny object over here !!!!”….

Diversion is always a great tactic. If you’re a politician it’s always good to get the public to look at something else while you pick their pockets, or in Hillary’s case tell more lies. Hillary will continue to push the “war on Women” canard and anything else she can to try to take the public’s mind off of her criminal conduct. Unfortunately for Hillary, the public ain’t buying it.

2) “I said bring me the orange pantsuit, NOT an orange jumpsuit!”….

All evidence does indeed look like Hillary Clinton conducted official, classified government business over her private e-mail server. And her most trusted advisors also appear to be up to their necks in this scandal. It’ll be interesting to see how many of them go to jail, and how many cop a deal to stay out of jail. The Justice Department may very well be fitting Hillary for something orange to wear, but it won’t be a pantsuit.

1) “I did not have classified e-mail communications with that woman, Ms. Abedin”….

All her denials aside, the FBI does not conduct ‘security violation investigations’, they conduct investigations into possible criminal conduct.

And television viewers of the nightly news might one day soon be treated to seeing Hillary hunched over, hands behind her back and wearing an orange jumpsuit, and doing a long-overdue ‘perp walk’.