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Now that the Obama Administration has two wins under their belt with the recent Supreme Court decisions on ObamaCare and Gay Marriage, look for the president and his allies in the Democrat Party and the anti-gun activists to be emboldened, and attempt to capitalize on the Court’s willingness to legislate from the bench.


Barack Obama and his party have made no secret of their desire to enact strict gun control legislation in America. Their efforts have been rebuffed so far by the American people and the Republican legislature. But that hasn’t stopped them from plotting any number of ways to try to restrict gun ownership through regulatory, procedural, or executive actions.

Those efforts are bound to continue, especially now that the United States Supreme Court appears to be open to reaching decisions based on political considerations and public pressure, as opposed to basing their decisions solely on the U.S. Constitution.

What does all this mean for the millions of responsible gun owners in America? It could mean the eventual confiscation of entire classes of weapons by the federal government. But at least initially it will probably be more subtle, the first step of a slippery slope towards the outlawing of private gun ownership in the United States.

Initially there will probably be regulatory steps implemented to restrict certain types of ammunition purchases, adding excessive amounts of taxes to various calibers or types of ammo so that it becomes cost-prohibitive to buy. You can’t target shoot with an AK-47 if the ammunition is so expensive that you can’t afford to buy it. The same goes for all the other so-called “assault weapons”.


Outlawing large capacity magazines has also been on the menu for Democrats, something they have been screaming about since the Newtown tragedy, if not before. Effectively turning a semi-automatic rifle into a single shot musket if they can accomplish it. No need for a thirty round magazine to go deer hunting has been their battle cry on this issue.

A federal gun registry through the use of comprehensive background investigations is another thing that Democrats have been after. And what would be the next step following that? Prohibiting sales to people who they feel through the background investigation do not meet the criteria that they themselves subjectively establish for who can own a gun?

Included among those might even be the very military and combat veterans who put their lives on the line every day protecting the Constitution itself, and the very Second Amendment giving Americans the right to own guns.

But why stop there one might ask. Haven’t the Democrats and their anti-gun puppet-masters continued the argument that the actual wording of the Second Amendment specifically reads a “well-regulated militia”, meaning National Guard or federal troops under the control of the government? Not individual American citizens. Back in 2008 then candidate Barack Obama called for a “civilian national security force”, and proposed that it be as big as all of the nation’s military branches.


With Obama’s trusted advisor Al Sharpton recently calling for the nationalization of the country’s police force, it should send shudders down the spine of all freedom-loving Americans. The very thing those thirty round magazines mentioned earlier were designed to protect us against, a corrupt government intent on taking Americans freedoms away.

It seems to me that the two recent rulings by the Supreme Court have not only decided the two issues that were before them, but may very well have set the stage for an unprecedented coming gun-grab by the Obama Administration and the Democrats, and the potential loss of freedom for all Americans.

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