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The Dog Ate My Homework

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Listening to Barack Obama over the course of his terms in office repeatedly blame Fox News for the failures of his administration reminds me of a classic piece of humor from many years ago.


During the old Art Linkletter program ‘Kids Say the Darn-dest Things’, on a regular basis Linkletter the host would read a list of excuses provided by children who failed to produce homework assignments for their teacher.

The excuses were all humorous and reflected the level of maturity of those providing them, small school children ranging in age from five to seven years old. In most cases the children showed great creativity in coming up with an explanation for why they failed. The program was always enjoyable, with the ‘Darn-dest Things’ part of the broadcast wildly popular with viewers. It was fun to watch the children squirm and act shy as they were questioned by Linkletter during that part of the program, while he read their excuses live to the studio and television audiences.

Unfortunately we find ourselves living in a very dangerous world nowadays, far removed from the light-hearted times when Art Linkletter entertained us with the clever remarks of small children.

It’s also unfortunate that we have a president in Barack Obama who seems incapable of accepting any criticisms of his administration’s handling of a whole variety of issues confronting our nation over the past six years.

For the most part Barack Obama has received a pass from most news media outlets and journalists, starting as far back as his first campaign for president in 2007. With his lack of experience and questionable background and associations completely overlooked, under-investigated, and mostly dismissed, Obama enjoyed a fairly free hand to implement his “fundamental transformation” of the United States.


Only one news organization, Fox News, took a step back and carefully and objectively reviewed the president’s questionable history and lack of accomplishments during his very short legislative career.

It is Fox News that has also continued to hold his feet to the fire during his administration. Maintaining their integrity as a news organization while their competition abdicated their journalistic responsibilities, Fox News has come to be recognized as the one news media outlet where viewers could generally receive a “fair and balanced” report.

Yet Barack Obama’s apparently very thin skin with regards to any criticism of his administration has led to his repeated attacks against Fox News over the last six plus years.

When his policies and presidency have been called into question by Fox News, the president makes excuses and places blame on others for his failures—and lashes out at the only broadcast news organization to hold him accountable. Reminiscent of those small children on the Art Linkletter program who “said the darn-dest things,” and who also failed to accept responsibility for their failures.

The time has long passed for Barack Obama to accept responsibility for his lack of leadership that has brought the world to the edge of chaos. The Russian incursion into Ukraine, Benghazi, and ISIS running rampant across the Middle East and now threatening Americans here in the United States, this president seems incapable of showing leadership.

He had hoped that his ‘apology tour’ culminating in his speech in Cairo would suffice in the foreign affairs arena, and then he could focus his energies on his domestic agenda here in the United States. A huge miscalculation on his part.


But unfortunately for the citizens of this once great country, Barack Obama’s soul cleansing on the world stage early during his presidency only resulted in our enemies and adversaries recognizing him as a weak and uncommitted president. And Americans are now paying the price.

He seems content to just try to ‘tread water’ for the remainder of his time in office and pass off a complete foreign relations mess to his successor. After all, Barack Obama’s entire administration has been focused on his perception of what is ‘social justice’ here in America. He only has a year and a half to complete his “fundamental transformation”.

So once again returning to Art Linkletter and his kids, it’s apparent that had he been on the program way back then, clearly with his inability to accept responsibility Barack Obama would have stolen the show. And nowadays by blaming Fox News and everyone else for his failures, he continues to say ‘the darn-dest things’.

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