The Clinton Mafia

Posted: Apr 24, 2015 12:01 AM
The Clinton Mafia

As more and more information is developed about Bill and Hillary Clintons’ record of shady dealings one is reminded of Chicago during the 1920s, the reign of Al Capone and his organized crime empire.

The Clintons’ history of criminal activity goes back as far as the 1980s and Bill Clinton’s time as governor of Arkansas. A period of time when Hillary cashed in on her husband’s political power and connections as well.

Peddling her influence, Hillary Clinton was able to obtain a choice position with the Rose Law firm, which was then considered to be the premiere law firm in the Arkansas capitol of Little Rock.

While Hillary played on her husband’s position as governor and began to invest in cattle futures resulting in a small fortune, Bill Clinton also used his position of power to pursue and satisfy his reportedly insatiable sexual appetite outside of his marriage.

And while other investors in the failed Whitewater development lost money, the Clintons escaped with losses totaling much less compared to those others. Curious to say the least. Were there benefactors, or were the Clintons just lucky?

Interestingly a total of fifteen different people associated one way or the other with the Whitewater scandal were convicted of committing more than forty different crimes. A key participant, Susan McDougal, was subsequently the recipient of a presidential pardon by Bill Clinton before he left office, something many consider to be a payback for her refusing to testify about the Clintons’ level of participation in the Whitewater fraud.

The list of scandals that were connected to the Clintons during Bill’s time as governor of Arkansas and later as president of the United States are too numerable to list. It would appear they are continuing even today. As the old saying goes, “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”.

The Clintons have benefitted over the years from a liberal news media that has been supportive of their positions on social policy, and has neglected their journalistic responsibilities to follow the evidence and report the news fairly and objectively.

The Clintons now find themselves once again caught up in another scandal involving the Clinton Global Initiative, and Hillary’s activities while serving as Secretary of State. At least initially there is the appearance of a ‘quid pro quo’ on the part of Hillary Clinton regarding donors to the Clinton charity. Not the first time the Clintons’ financial dealings have come under scrutiny.

As is usual, the Clinton Mafia ‘hit men’ are out in full force trying to discredit anyone who besmirches Hillary’s character. Or lack thereof. And it stands to reason things will get even nastier as Hillary’s presidential campaign progresses and additional questionable activities come to light, as is expected with the Clintons.

But rest assured the Clinton Mafia will continue to practice the Mafia tradition of omerta, and remain silent about the level of the Clintons’ criminality once again.