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With each passing week it seems that the Islamic terrorists known as ISIS commit more and more brutal depredations against innocent people. They are also responsible for attacking our very heritage as well, bulldozing and destroying important historical sites and artifacts along with the human carnage they perpetrate.


Since Barack Obama drew his red line in the sand in Syria, ISIS has responded to Obama’s inaction by expanding their territory and increasing their level of violence and attacks across a large swath of Iraq, as well as in Libya and other locations. ISIS apparently wasn’t much impressed by the president’s ‘stern warning’ and tough talk.

Recently the African al Qaeda offshoot Boko Haram pledged their allegiance to ISIS, also apparently un-swayed by the photograph of Michelle Obama holding the ‘hashtag’ sign, imploring them to ‘bring back our girls’. This administration’s harsh response to the abduction of hundreds of Nigeria school girls by Boko Haram.

Again and again the Obama Administration comes up short when responding to acts of aggression and terrorism. Our adversaries have learned to call our bluff it would seem, convinced that all the Obama Administration is willing to do is to draw lines in the sand and talk tough, with no real action in response to the belligerence directed at us by those who would do us harm.

One doesn’t just “condemn” atrocities, one gets angry and punishes those committing the atrocities, that’s the appropriate response. And the only response that Islamic terrorists understand and respect.


Does that mean that America sends its’ sons and daughters back into harm’s way at the drop of a hat, engaging in unending combat operations on every corner of the planet, serving as the nation’s ‘firefighters’ who run to every hot-spot to extinguish the flames at great cost in life and treasure?

Do we ask our Special Operations forces to carry the burden again so that Americans back home can continue to plan next weekend’s back yard Bar-B-Que, or attend Little Buffy’s dance recital undisturbed by events half a world away?

Americans need to understand that while the Obama Administration may flail away seemingly clueless about how to address all the serious national security challenges facing our country, and that the threats we face are definitely very real. We are indeed living in very dangerous times.

The Islamic terrorists have no fear of this current administration, and I would include the Islamic Republic of Iran among the terrorist organizations who intend to attack the U.S. and our interests.

They have always viewed the United States as decadent and evil, but over the past six years they have also come to see the Obama Administration as weak and uncommitted to defending this nation. Just as our other more conventional enemies such as Vladimir Putin’s Russian and the Communist Chinese have come to believe.


The Obama Administration’s remaining time in office will continue to reveal itself to be weak and uncommitted to our nation’s defense. One has to believe in and have a love of one’s country to be willing to fight to defend it.

Something the president and his closest advisors have never believed in. Why else would they be so intent on “fundamentally transforming” the United States of America?

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