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Face it, our elections are decided by stupid people. Far too many American voters are absolutely clueless about the political issues facing the country, or of the consequences of the votes they cast.


While there are plenty of idiots casting ballots from every political persuasion, the Democrat Party absolutely depends on stupid people voting the straight Democrat ticket in order to keep getting Democratic candidates elected to political office, many of whom aren’t qualified to lick stamps much less represent us in Congress.

A case in point is Barack Obama. Who in their right mind expected just seven years ago that someone like Barack Obama, a man with no accomplishments in his life much less any legislative record, could come out of nowhere and defeat the Democrat Party’s anointed candidate at the time, Hillary Clinton ?

How did it happen? Clueless people voted their emotions instead of basing their selection on facts and common sense. Barack Obama’s radical history and associations was out there for all to see, even with the mainstream news media trying their best to hide the facts. Jeremiah Wright’s racist preaching, the same preaching that Barack Obama listened to for twenty years and more than likely enthusiastically shouted “AMEN” to regularly, was all well known to voters.

Domestic terrorist Bill Ayers was no secret either, hosting a political party for Obama in his own living room. Yet stupid voters looked right past those obvious disqualifiers and voted for Obama anyway. Simply because he was black, or a Democrat, or looked cool in sunglasses.


Obama’s questionable character, and even legitimate questions about his very eligibility to run for the office of president of the United States was discussed openly in various news outlets. Just the fact that questions about his eligibility were being denigrated by the Obama-Mania-Media should have at least raised the electorate’s consciousness to the issue, and voters could take a closer look and decide for themselves.

Enter Hillary Clinton, the new darling of the mainstream media for this upcoming election. Her history of scandal, dishonesty, and deceit has been established for decades. Yet she polls ahead of all other candidates from either party.

Simply baffling how she can be viewed with anything other than disdain and disgust by any rational-thinking American. Yet she continues full steam ahead leading all others in her quest for the White House.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and even some Republicans have turned politics into a long term career and have been returned to Washington over and over again by the voters, even though they have produced nothing of consequence, and more often than not have stood in the way of real progress simply for partisan political motives.

So do we continue to strive to make it possible for more people to vote, including illegal aliens and dead Democrats? Do we flood the electorate with more and more stupid people who haven’t a clue what they’re voting for, or what their vote actually does?


Call it suppressing the vote if you want, but making it easier for stupid people to vote doesn’t seem to be a very logical thing to do when our country is faced with serious challenges. A time when we need the very best to straighten things out. Not people elected simply because they have a ‘D’ or an ‘R’ next to their name.

Voters should be required to at least know more of the alphabet before they’re allowed to pull the lever at the ballot box. Stupidity practiced by our elected officials in Washington and in state houses across the land is ruining this country.

If stupid voters keep voting stupid candidates into office, then it’s time to at least require the stupid voters to show that they know how to properly register to vote, and that they know how to obtain a proper identification card, before we allow them to exercise their stupidity in a national election.

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