The Things Most Likely to Happen in a Hillary Clinton Administration

Posted: Apr 10, 2015 12:01 AM

The new Clinton grandchild has an accident on the Resolute Desk but nobody notices, they think it’s just a left over Obama Executive Order.

J.C. Penny offers Hillary discount prices on their entire collection of pants suits.

Bill is offered to the Taliban for free. Fearing for their women folk the Taliban decline the offer.

Cigars and interns are banned from the White House.

The Secret Service resigns. Replaced by a newly-created Amazon Women’s Corps.

Hillary’s missing e-mails show up in the private residence, on the very same end table where her Rose Law Firm billing records showed up years earlier.

Hillary tries to call Vladimir Putin on the Oval Office ‘Hot Line’ but he refuses to accept a call until they change the phone’s name, claiming that it is false advertising.

And the thing most likely to happen in a Hillary Clinton administration -

Bill addresses the Kappa Alpha sorority’s annual convention. Bill UN-dresses the Kappa Alpha sorority’s annual convention.

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