Save the Whales

Posted: Mar 27, 2015 12:01 AM
Save the Whales

Only in the so-called mainstream media would one’s love of country, a belief in the U.S. Constitution as our guiding document, along with the importance of fiscal responsibility be deemed as something “extremist”, instead of something “patriotic”.

But that’s what we are already seeing, those same genuinely American qualities being referred to as extremist. The very same virtues that Senator Ted Cruz spoke to during his announcement that he was running for the Republican nomination for president in 2016.

Those qualities served this country well throughout our history, yet nowadays one has to believe in and support a progressive ideology in order to be acceptable to the pundits and other talking heads that inhabit the “mainstream media” and the Democrat Party. There’s no room in their America for anyone who holds dear traditional morals and values.

The morality that was accepted as normal and healthy back in the 20th century are considered extreme and unacceptable here in 21st century America. Those who believe in and espouse traditional American values are labeled as “cretins” and “Neanderthals”, and are accused of being “out of step with the mainstream”.

Merely having religious convictions that speak to the importance of maintaining the traditional definition of marriage makes one a homophobic, right wing extremist. It matters not that in poll after poll America has described itself as a center-right country, generally conservative and supporting traditional values in our collective philosophy. Contrary to what liberals in the media would have one believe.

A person holding the belief that insuring a strong national defense starts with securing our borders is painted as an anti-immigrant, racist, bigot. It seems that to be considered “mainstream” and not an extremist one has to discard all of the traditional beliefs, values, and morals that once were the national fiber that held us all together, and maintained the equilibrium that kept our nation in balance.

Of course adopting any number of liberal social cause’s gains one membership in the fraternity of elitists who believe only their ideology is acceptable for this country. Anyone who espouses anything that smacks of conservatism must not only be dismissed, but must be destroyed lest they poison the minds of others.

So as Texas Senator Ted Cruz announced his candidacy the liberal media immediately went into attack mode and Senator Cruz was ridiculed and dismissed by the Washington elites. Even some Republicans who are so invested in the status quo that he threatens have fiercely attacked Cruz.

These facts alone should make Cruz a very attractive candidate for many, many Americans who are sick and tired of ‘politics as usual’ practiced by both parties in Washington, D.C.

Maybe it’s time for a candidate who speaks to the virtues of self-sufficiency and of preserving American values and the ethic of hard work, which helped countless Americans over the years rise from poverty to achieve great things, and to rise above the pack of ‘Washington regulars’ whose policies and practices have laid waste to the political discourse in this country for far too long.

It’ll be interesting to watch how much Cruz’s words and positions are distorted by his political enemies in the media and in public office, and how far they will go to impugn his integrity and honesty in the coming months. While Hillary’s lack of integrity and honesty will most certainly go unreported.

Since she can’t compete with Cruz in terms of integrity and honesty, counting on her allies in the news media to provide cover or her is all that she can hope for.