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E-Mail-Gate is About Hillary's Lack of Accountability

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With the recent revelations that Hillary Clinton used a personal e-mail to conduct official business during her tenure as secretary of state, one wonders what’s next for the former first lady/senator/cabinet secretary, who has always been protective of her privacy. Or as many would say, for someone who has always gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal her activities.


Should she actually survive her gaffe-filled campaign and be elected president one can one day almost envision Hillary seated behind her desk in the Oval Office wearing a pair of headsets with a code pad nearby, as she taps out a message in Morse code. Once again trying to keep any records of her activities to a minimum, and consequently also any accountability for what she does.

Using her little combinations of dots and dashes Hillary will sit there tapping out code while conducting high level government business, as she glances pensively towards the door leading to the small room off the Oval Office where her husband once conducted his own business with a White House intern.

Eventually though even this effort at suppression will come to light and Hillary will once again have to defend her actions. Sending out her minions and sycophants who will offer the same lame excuses, and once again dismiss it all as “old news”. All of which will be lapped up by the Clinton lap-dog liberal news media who are fully vested in protecting Hillary no matter what the cost.

Hillary’s history of non-transparency, despite Barack Obama’s claims that his administration has been the most transparent in history, makes her denials of doing anything wrong a little tough to swallow.

Starting with covering for her husband’s sexual excesses while governor of Arkansas, to her cattle futures investment, the missing-then found Rose Law Firm billing records, right up to her promise to find that guy whose video was behind the Benghazi attacks. To use some computer terminology Hillary Clinton’s ‘default’ has been to obfuscate, lie and deceive. Anything but tell the truth !


Should Hillary come through the Select Committee on Benghazi investigation unscathed it won’t be because she didn’t do anything wrong. It’ll simply be because she was able to play the delay game long enough to destroy the evidence needed to convict her. She won’t even have to claim that she fell and bumped her head this time.

So after all is said and done regarding Hillary’s newest ‘E-Mail-Gate’ scandal, what’s next for Hillary Clinton in her efforts to keep her activities secret and keep the American people in the dark? Two tin cans and a length of string?

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