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As Democrats ramp up their plans for the coming 2016 election with Hillary Clinton at the helm (unless things change), word is that they intend to dust off the old ‘War on Women’ campaign once again, accusing Republicans of all manner of discrimination against the female gender. In fact Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has continued this mantra since it was first rolled out a couple of elections ago, and she still milks it for everything she can.


But the Democrat’s campaign is a false narrative that the “mainstream media” has allowed Democrats to use without challenging these assertions. The reality of the so-called war on women is that Republicans are conducting no war against women at all, instead Republicans offer women opportunity whereas Democrats only offer women free stuff and snappy slogans.

For example, the political side-show involving college student Sandra Fluke testifying before a group of Democrat members of congress hastily thrown together by the House’s Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was indeed nothing but a side show.

When Ms. Fluke whined about not being able to afford enough birth control to cover her apparent insatiable sexual appetite it had the air of a carnival freak show as opposed to a serious discussion that the American people believed in and gave a hoot about.

It was a political stunt choreographed by Nancy Pelosi to gin up women voters when in reality it merely insulted women voter’s intelligence. Democrat Senator Barbara (Don’t Call Me Ma’am) Boxer joined in declaring that perhaps payment for Viagra prescriptions should be denied in retaliation.


Apparently Ms. Boxer believes that sexual relations are only for the man’s enjoyment and therefore men should be punished if the government doesn’t pay for birth control for women. Maybe someone should enlighten Ms. Boxer that the year is 2015 and women are certainly entitled to enjoy sexual relations with their husband or lover, so Viagra isn’t just for men.

The whole argument that Republicans in some way are unconcerned about the women of America is completely bogus and just another example of the fact that Democrats have no message to attract voters.

They sell nothing but misinformation, phony causes, and in many cases outright lies as a means of trying to scare American women to vote for the Democratic candidates running for office. Offering them ‘free stuff’ when what I believe American women really want are the opportunity for good jobs with good pay and security.

Republicans have surely made some mistakes over the years, but glorifying a sexual predator is something only Democrats do. In fact the Democratic Party seems to be replete with sexual predators considering that Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and Bill Filner all marched under the ‘Jackass Banner’.


One has to strain their memory to recall a Republican politician who was treated by his own party like a conquering hero such as Bill Clinton has been by the Democrats. When Republicans have been caught in sex scandals they’ve usually been hounded out of the party, not instead given a keynote address at the party’s convention.

A real war on women is indeed occurring. But it occurs within the religion of Islam involving beatings, rape, forced marriages, and sexual mutilations done in the name of Sharia Law. Something that Democrat Barack Obama and his administration cannot get themselves to even recognize, much less publicly denounce.

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